Brian Carn Net Worth Biography

Brian Carn Net Worth and Biography

Brian Carn is an American who proclaimed himself as a religious leader. He is also a minister of COGIC (Church of God in Christ). He has become famous for his religious video series named ‘The Visitation’. Most importantly, he got attention for his prophecy and passion for God.

Brian Carn Net Worth

Brian Carn Net Worth and Facts

Brian Carn Biography

Full Name: Brian Carn Jr.

Birth Date and Place: 11 September, 1989 in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, the most populous state of United States of America.

Parents: Mother- Andrea Carn and Father- Brian Carn Senior.

Siblings: One Sister named Keaundra Nickelberry.

Education: There is no clue of his education. No one ever heard of any degrees he gained.

Early Life: He claimed that he got salvation at the age of eight. He also claimed that he got resurrection at the age of twelve. It also heard that he had endured fast and prayer for eighty-eight days.

Marital Status: He says he is single but a woman named Kim White claims that she is his wife.

Book: In his online shop he sells his book “The Vault is Open”.

Friends: As he is a preacher, he befriended with many religious leaders.

Interesting Fact: While preaching in Georgia he prophesized that two women would call themselves his wives and they would be the witches, at that moment one of them named Kim White attacked him. She was behaving like a possessed one and his security chief who was his dad couldn’t stop her.

Finishing Part: It is not certain that Brian Carn is a prophet or not. Most people believe that he is a fraud prophet and some believe that his prophecies are correct. He has prophesized about 2018; so it will prove in 2018 whether he is a fraud prophet or just a normal pastor.

Net Worth

Brian Carn Net Worth is not yet revealed.

Finally, you already read the Brian Carn biography. We will try to update you about so called religious leader Brian, if we get news.

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