10 Incredibly Cool Workbench Ideas

With this pandemic that we are in now, going to the gym, having to pay monthly for your gym membership, and going out of the house, in general, could be a hassle. That is why you could now get your workbench for your home.  You would be able to see the Powertec workbench from Fitness Expo Stores for quality workbenches that you are sure would bring you comfort and ease while you are working away. Here are 10 incredibly cool workbench ideas that you could use to help inspire your own workbench at your own home.

What Is The Purpose of a Workbench?

The main purpose of a workbench, in general, is because everything you are going to need for a home workout is there to your disposal since you could use it to make your workout more comfortable and easy to use, it’s foldable so you could put it away when you are not using it easily, and you could effectively work out your upper and lower body while toning your muscles.

1. Kettlebells

Adding a few kettlebells on your workbench with different weights could help you achieve your fitness goal faster because they have the same purpose as dumbbells. With kettlebells, your training could be simplified, you would have the cardio workout that your body needs, would help build on your posterior chain strength, and increase your range in motion.

2. Bulgarian training bag

To help with the strengthening of your muscles, Bulgarian training bags are usually loaded on your shoulders as you do your squats, lunges, and jump, used for swings and could be used on some controlled handle exercises like rows and curls.

3. Sandbag

You could add a sandbag to your workbench as it could help you improve your strength. Use a sandbag while you are doing your usual workout like the forward lunge, reverse lunge, deadlift, burpee, and squats.

4. Incline bench

An incline bench would help you with your core and weight lifting as you lie down on the bench and put your hand on the bar of the weights. You have to make sure that your palms are facing up and your hand placement should be slightly wider than the usual shoulder-width apart.

Once you are comfortable, you could lift the bar out of the rack and extend your arms above your shoulders before you could slowly lower the bar until it connects with your chest and does it all over again.

5. Battle ropes

Battle ropes could help you work out your arms and your legs, a piece of great workout equipment that you could do to help with your grip and strength. Battle ropes could be attached anywhere, making it an amazing addition to your in-home workbench.

6. Rowing machine

You could get some bungee cords that could stand as their own rowing machine to help you with your cardiovascular fitness. A rowing machine would help build up the muscles on your arms and work out your core.

7. Rebounder

A rebounder could also be seen as a mini trampoline that has a lot of purposes, which is a fun way that you could exercise your core muscles and your legs as you jump on. If you want it to be more effective, you could put the rebounder on its side, chuck a ball and catch the ball.

8. Sliders

If you want to be able to strengthen your core and your glutes, sliders would be able to help with those. These are the circular discs that you place under your hands and your feet so that you could slide through all of these different crunches and motions. If you do not have this, a great alternative that you could use for this workout is paper plates.

9. Foam roller

If you want to relieve some tension on your muscles and increase your range of motion, then a foam roller is something you should consider. If you want to make your own foam roller, then you could just use a cheap yoga mat, PVC pipes, and duct tape.

10. Yoga bag

Yoga is a great exercise that you could do to help you become more flexible while helping you reduce your blood pressure and anxiety. A yoga bag would be able to help you do your yoga exercises while making sure that it’s not awkward when you are carrying your mat around.

Does Powertec make Good Workbench Equipment?

A Workbench made by Powertec is an amazing workbench if you are the type of person who does not have the energy to deal with all of these cables and pulleys. A great advantage that you could use those workbenches is that you could be able to lift about 500 pounds at your own home with this equipment and multiple people could use this. Though this workbench equipment could take up a lot of space.

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