11 Questions to Ask Before Your Bathroom Renovation

Did you know that a new bathroom can increase the value of your home? If you are considering renovating your bathroom, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over bathroom renovation questions to ask beforehand. This way, you’ll know whether you’re making a wise financial investment.

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  1. Would You Like a Larger Bathroom?

Do you plan to keep your bathroom at its current size or expand it? Expanding your bathroom will mean downsizing adjoining rooms or moving walls.

When you expand your bathroom, you’ll make it more spacious and relaxing. A larger bathroom will also help you sell your home later. Keep in mind that an expansion will be costly.

  1. Will You Change the Location of Certain Fixtures?

Sometimes, people will want to move fixtures in the bathroom. Before you decide on your project, consider if you need to move anything.

Moving fixtures around the bathroom will add to the cost and the timespan.

  1. Do You Need More Space?

A bathroom tends to be the smallest room in a home. But a lot of people will have different storage needs.

Blow-dryers, brushes, towels, and makeup supplies take up a lot of space. When you decide on a remodeling project, think about if you want to add storage.

  1. What’s Your Plan for the Flooring?

There are new options for bathroom flooring to consider. You could consider the traditional options like laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring.

Some new options to consider are stained micro concrete and resin. Flooring is an important consideration for your shower surface. Look into small tiles with texture or a prefabricated base.

Learn about proper bathroom waterproofing.

  1. Why Are You Planning a Renovation?

You’ll want to consider your primary motivation behind renovating your bathroom.

Do you need to restore your bathroom because of a leak? Is there something no longer working, or do you think the aesthetic is old-fashioned?

Take time to figure out why you want to do a renovation. This will help you understand the main changes you seek.

  1. What Will the Remodeled Bathroom Look Like?

To get some inspiration, start picking up home magazines and look on Pinterest. Make a board and add pins that you like.

You will begin to narrow down on what style you’d like to choose. Do you want a traditional style bathroom or warm tones? Would you like to add tiling to the wall or add wallpaper?

  1. Does the Financial Investment Make Sense?

You’ll also want to think about if it’s wise to add more to your home extension.

Real estate agents will sometimes discourage people from renovating an older home. How much are houses selling for right now in your neighborhood?

Does it make sense to take on this financial project and remodel your bathroom?

  1. Did You Find Your Forever Home?

After you determine if it’s a wise financial investment, next, you’ll want to think about your house as a whole. Will you plan to stay there for the next five years or longer?

If this is your forever home, investing in a bathroom remodel will make sense. Yet, some homeowners may plan to stay at their current home for five years before buying a new home.

Make sure you consider these questions before taking on this investment.

  1. What’s Your Budget?

Before settling on a renovation plan, sit down with your partner and talk about your budget. What is a realistic budget for you at the moment? Renovation projects tend to cost more than the initial estimate.

Suppose you plan to replace your old toilet with an upflush system, find out the toilet cost of each of Saniflo’s most popular models versus the usual installation cost. Notably, the cost comparison is for reference purposes; you can contact Saniflo experts for more information.

If you don’t have to gut your bathroom, think about other things that will change the bathroom’s feel. Countertops, lighting, and flooring will transform a space.

Fresh towels and new hardware can also make your bathroom appear refreshed. So think about what your renovation will entail.

Do you have a goal to make a tile backsplash? Find out how much that will cost you. Think about ways you can save money on different parts.

  1. Can You Complete Any Projects?

Are there any projects that you, your partner, or close friends could complete? If you are handy or can paint, you will save some money on the project.

Consider knocking off a few items on your list. Leave electrical or plumbing projects to the professionals.

When you meet with a contractor, take a look at the bid. See what items you can cross off the list and do yourselves.

You can ask the contractor to give you a rebid. Try to save money when you can by tackling some projects.

  1. What Materials Will You Need?

Finally, consider the materials you will use in your bathroom renovation. It might take you some time to determine what you’ll need.

Do you want a marble countertop or tile flooring? Some people have always wanted brass or copper fixtures in their bathrooms.

Try to recreate different looks within your budget. Make small changes so you don’t end up overspending on your project.

Also, consider who will be using the bathroom. Do you have children or a couple of adults in your household? Think about what materials will be durable and will last.

Ask These Bathroom Renovation Questions First

We hope this guide on what to ask before renovating your bathroom was helpful. Make sure you ask these bathroom renovation questions before tackling your project.

Decide on your budget, complete some of the renovation tasks, and if it’s a wise investment.

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