12 Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet

This article is for every stylish man out there. Let’s start with the ultimate fact: The concept of a stylish wardrobe is subjective because everyone out there expresses who they are through their own personal taste in fashion. Although men’s clothes are simpler than women’s, there are still guidelines for them as most things.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 12 most essential things every man should have in his closet.

Better T-shirts

On those nights when you want to hangout in your casual, laid-back, and comfortable look, you will most probably pick a T-shirt. However, watch out! Not every T-shirt will look right, especially if you are out on a date. The fashion gurus at JasperHollandCo.com believe that a better quality T-shirt can save you from the predicament of dressing up too much or wearing garments that say “you don’t care” about your date. Always look for T-shirts that can fit your body right and have tight necklines. Remember, the higher the quality of the T-shirt is, the longer it will live.

Aging denim jeans

A pair of selvedge denim jeans will take your body shape over time and will age like fine wine, looking even more stunning over time. Choosing a dark navy color will make it easier to dress your jeans up or down with a better T-shirt like the one above. Stay trendy with a slim cut and a good stretchy material.

A pair of chinos

That are known as “khakis”; however, it’s just a color, and “chino” is actually the material itself. Chinos can be found in a variety of colors other than khaki, helping you find more seasonal styling options for your closet. Their flat fronts and modern look are always favored by men.

Minimalist white sneakers

The simpler and whiter your sneakers are, the trendier you will look. This is because a minimalistic white pair of sneakers can transform your casual look into something phenomenal. So, with a simple addition to your wardrobe, you can dress down as much as you want. However, it is a must to keep them clean and bright; thus, investing in a leather pair is worth it, as such durable material is easy to maintain.

Chukka boots

A man cannot only wear sneakers all the time, and that is why having chukka boots in your closet is so important. Beige suede, chic, and understated boots can go with any pair of jeans. They will be of a great help on the days when you are not sure how much you want to dress up but definitely do not want to dress down.

Bomber jacket

Your closet should always include lighter coats than those of winter, and a bomber jacket does that right. It is influenced by military flight jacket styles created during WWI, which makes it a timeless piece of clothing that looks sexy on every man, especially the slim cuts in dark colors. Bomber jackets create a fashion statement with their different materials and colors in every season throughout the year.

A pair of sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses that can fit all occasions is essential. Try the wayfarers, as they can fit every face in every season and can go with any outfit, no matter how much you want to style the rest of your outfit. Remember, sunglasses do not just add a fashionable touch to your look, but they offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays; thus, make sure you purchase a polarized pair of sunglasses.

A crew-neck sweater

It can be considered the most versatile piece of clothing you will have in your closet. A crew-neck sweater can be worn with pretty much everything, no matter its material: cashmere, merino wool, cotton or cable knit. It will act as an insulating layer in winter, as you can slip it over a button shirt or over your thermals and a featured piece in spring when you wear it solo. It is important to have mens silk bathrobe in the wardrobe during the winter season which helps to keep you warm and relaxed before taking a hot bath. To minimize your options, picking a navy cashmere crew-neck sweater is your best bet.

The pea coat

Just as with bomber jackets, a peacoat is also a piece of military heritage. It’s the smartest pick of all outer coats out there. They are short coats with double-breasted fronts. They are regarded as a classic piece, but their designs have evolved, adding some hoods that made them versatile for different occasions. You can wear a pea coat on your suit to work or pair it up with your white sneakers and jeans for a lazy night with friends.

A skinny tie

What was once a passing trend for the last 7 years, has now become a bona fide menswear essential and a must-have for every stylish man. A top-brand skinny tie with the perfect size that is made out of 100 percent silk will make you look perfect every day and for all occasions, including weddings and parties.

Dark suit

One day or another, a more formal attire is required, so always be ready with a black or navy-blue suit in your closet. They can fit any occasion, whether a wedding or a business meeting. If you are not a suit guy, then luckily for you, here are some tips: Find one that is designed for the modern man, double-buttoned, with inner pockets and a good stretchy material that will provide you more comfort in long formal events.

Button downs

Your dark suit will need a shirt. So, even if you are not a shirt guy, go simple with purchasing one in pale blue, another white button-down, and a white Oxford. The pale blue or white shirt will give you a simpler look with your suit and will match any blazer or pair of chinos. While the Oxford shirt is the best shirt you will ever own; it is chic enough to stand on its own or be worn under a coat.

Bottom line, the more versatile your wardrobe is, the more ready you are to look trendy and elegant for every occasion. For sure, a closet full of trendy pieces needs a good budget, yet it is for sure a time-saver and a fashion-forward option for every man.

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