3 Best Grand Seiko Watches

Gifts are all the rage this Christmas season. However, for all the gifts we have gotten and received, there are always the best ones. The best gifts we get are classic and never go old. Clothes can get old. And electronics can get out of style. But unlike them, the watch is a constant.

The most prototypical gift is the analog watch. It is a gift that keeps giving, with utility, style, and the constant reminder of the giver whenever you wear it.

With a timepiece, you can always go right with Seiko. Seiko has a reputation for quality, style, and value, perfect for pieces that elevate your outfits. If you want a timeless gift surpassing the holidays, you’ll never go wrong with a Seiko watch.

Why Choose Seiko

Seiko’s claim to fame is for inventing the world’s first quartz wristwatch in 1969. Seiko has produced quality watches with different movements, ranging from quartz to automatic. The pieces Seiko produces are known for being affordable, dependable, sturdy, and well-crafted.

Out of other luxury brands, Seiko has an accessible range.

We’ve compiled a list of Seiko watches suitable for the holiday season as gifts.

Seiko Presage “Kabuki” Limited Edition

Under Seiko’s line of watches is the Grand Seiko line. The Grand Seiko line consists of their higher-quality and higher-value watches. However, Seiko has the crowning glory of several watches that can give other brands a run for their money!

The Seiko Presage “Kabuki” is a limited edition piece that would make a perfect Christmas present. It was released in 2022, and there were only 2000 units of the model made. The object has a warm amber tone, a finely textured surface, and an angular historical hemp design that draws inspiration from the Japanese dance-drama Kabuki.

The watch has a readable window of time at 3 o’clock and is constructed of stainless steel.

Seiko 5 Sports GMT

In 2022, Seiko’s first GMT complication to the Seiko 5 sports line launched. The first piece was an automatic Caliber 4R34. The GMT watches have a hand soaked in Seiko’s proprietary LumiBrite for nighttime legibility. Moreover, the pieces have a water resistance of 100m, an automatic watch movement, and rings produced from Hardlex glass to indicate a second-time zone.

To the normal person, the Seiko 5 Sports GMT is the best option for affordable mechanical watches. It is an expansion of its family of field watches. Not only can you measure two (2) time zones at the same time, but also elevate your outfit thanks to its outdoorsy, military-inspired look.

Seiko 5 Sports SKX Skeleton Style watch ref SRPJ47K1

The stylish Skeletal-style watch Seiko 5 Sports SKX will keep you energized all day and all week! Its SKX-shaped case and orange-toned dial are evocative of the brand. This compilation honors 1990s iterations of updated 1960s classics. The “5” in its name, which comes from its water resistance, automatic movement, and other helpful features, supports the following values.

Wrapping Up

Having a glorious legacy as a watchmaker, Seiko has produced countless classics and modern watches. With its years of experience, Seiko has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with in the watch world.

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