3 Great Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

We all know the benefits to our minds and body when we spend time outside. Breathing in some fresh air relieves stress, boosts your serotonin levels, and helps your brain to function better. But, with our busy lives and the fast-paced world, we are in, most of our time is spent inside. 

Whether you are interested in getting some more time with nature or you are bored at home, being outside will do wonders for you emotionally and physically. If you haven’t already, you should try some of these activities.

Visit Some Wildlife

Animals are incredibly fascinating if you watch them for long enough. National parks are refuges for some animals, but they are still wild, so you can still see them in their natural habitat. Most of the areas are open so you can get very close to the wildlife but keep a safe distance. 

There are places all around the USA where you can spot some grey wolves in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The best place to see USA’s national bird the bald eagle is in Washington. If you like to go swimming, you might even spot some manatees in Florida.

Go on a Long Hike

For many people, the thought of having to walk for long distances isn’t appealing. The great thing about hiking is that you can explore places you otherwise never would have visited. Exercise is great for stress relief, but you have to get your heart pumping just a bit to feel the full effect. On a hike, you will see beautiful scenery and wonderful animals and critters that you won’t see sitting on your couch. 

Make it your mission to climb to the top of the hill and see what your city looks like from up in the clouds. If you will be hiking for a couple of hours, be sure to bring some refreshments like water, protein bars, and a few pieces of fruit to keep your energy levels up. Consider buying a Hydro Flask Mug that can take up to 500ml of water. For any outdoor activity, be sure to shop Hydro Flask products here for a range of items.

Create an Outside Nook

Just being outside, whether you are on your cell phone or reading a book, can have amazing benefits for your body. Exposure to more sunlight naturally increases all your feel-good hormones like dopamine, and serotonin, and improves your sleep cycle by activating the melatonin in your body. It has been proven numerous times that less time in the sun has a direct effect on depression and anxiety. Increased vitamin D helps to heal and build bones stronger, so if you have injured yourself, sit outside for a few hours.

Create an area outside where you can do your normal hobbies in some rays. Set up a couch on the porch or take some pillows and blankets and sit on the ground while you read a book or play some online games. It can look any way you want, as long as you are getting some fresh air and sunlight.

Get back to nature with these ideas or think of new ways to get yourself outside more enjoying what Mother Nature has provided.

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