3 Helpful Tips on How to Sell Your House Faster

With all the ups and downs over the past few years, real estate remains the most stable and lucrative investment opportunity. But sometimes, you just have to sell a home, no matter what it would accrue.

If you’re in that situation and you want to know how to sell your house faster than ever before, read our guide below!

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer

Gone are the days where people would drive around their ideal neighborhoods to find a new home or depend 100% on their realtors. Now, what does everyone do? They immediately go to Zillow.

And if a listing doesn’t have sufficient pictures, then that home loses rank on the must-see list.

Now, we understand that it’s intimidating to put your home that you’re still living in out on the internet for everyone to see, but if you want a quick sale, it’s worth it. Hire a professional real estate photographer to come to take pictures of your house, or at least use a high-quality (not cell phone!) camera if you’re going to do it yourself.

  1. Have it Inspected and Assessed

Knowing what to price it in these times can be tricky. It’s a seller’s market and it seems like people can list a house for whatever they want. But that’s not the truth.

The reason we’re seeing such a quick turnover of home sales is that it’s easier than ever now to assess the value of your home based on the ones in your area, thanks to the internet. Having it professionally assessed will help you join the “my house sold in days” club.

And, if you have the time and money, why not get it inspected while you’re at it? It will show the buyer you’re motivated, and while they have every right to do their own inspection, it shows you do your due diligence and that you’re trustworthy to work with.

In that same vein, be willing to knock some money off the price if the buyer has legitimate concerns after your (or theirs) inspection finds any issues.

  1. Work With the Right Partner

Did you know you can fire a realtor? Your realtor should be the right fit and if they’re not, you have every right to go to another group or another representative within the company. In fact, you should ask multiple friends for recommendations when moving to an area, to make sure you’re not wasting time because person A used realtor B, was the right fit for them, but isn’t for you.

You have choices when it comes to who you work with during your house hunt and you should look into highly respected agents like the Jordan Terrell Group. If you don’t do this research upfront when you buy – or list(!) a house, you’ll regret it later.

How to Sell Your House Faster

If you follow the tips above, make sure you leave things clean for showings, and make virtual showings available for COVID-19 reasons, then you should have no trouble getting your home to sell.

In fact, we believe you’ll sell your house faster if you use these tips. Were we right? Did we miss something?

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