3 Most Popular Toy Companies in the U.S.

In 2021, American consumers spent $38.19 billion on toys. This is a 14.2% increase from 2020.

Toy companies have captivated the minds of Americans with a wide range of amazingly popular toys.

People still feel incredible enjoyment when they meet a new toy, no matter how many toys they have, or how old they are. At any age, it brings out the best of us with smiles and imagination.

New toys open the door to possibilities.

If you want to know which famous toy company is most loved by Americans dating as far back as almost a century ago, keep reading as we reveal the three of the most popular toy companies.


They are one of the most famous educational toy companies. Fisher-Price began in 1930 and is based out of New York.

An American toy company with a reputation for nurturing a child’s unique nature, they appeal to a child’s imagination.

They break their popular toys into age categories, such as:

  • Zero to six months
  • Six to nine months
  • Nine to twelve months
  • Twelve months and older

This is key for enabling a child to learn quickly when you categorize a toy specific to their age and understanding. There is a lot of research put in to know what age is appropriate when babies and toddlers are so young.

To accomplish this, they take advantage of their onsite play lab. Annually, they have thousands of children come to test thousands of toys. Designers can learn how they learn through observation.


This famous toy company has global recognition. It is award-winning, with a massive portfolio that carries over 1500 brands.

Hasbro was founded by three brothers by the names of Hillel, Herman, and Henry Hassenfeld.

The history of Hasbro is quite remarkable. In 1942, it mostly became a toy company for producing modeling clay. It also produced doctor and nurse kits. Before 1942, it was a textile business.

Since then, Hasbro acquired the products and trademarks of multiple toy companies.


Established in 1945, Mattel has its headquarters in the United States and has offices in 40 countries. Mattel toy company produces multiple brands. They sell products in over 150 countries worldwide.

They are among the educational toy companies that are aiding children in learning and development through creative play. Mattel inspires wonder in kids so that they can create a brighter future.

Since its inception, Mattel has witnessed tremendous growth and is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world.

Toy Companies Help Shape the World

Michael Keaton once said, “To this day, I have the fondest memories of some of my old toys.” Toys bring sentimental value along with them, and popular toys shape generations and communities.

Toy companies help to develop the human mind into what it is today. It is companies like Fisher-Price, Hasbro, and Mattel that create roads for our future selves.

What will yours be? How have your toys shaped you as a person? For more thought-provoking questions and answers like these, keep reading our articles.

An educated mind is an enlightened mind.

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