3 Ways to Preserve Your Hearing Into Advanced Age

A Proactive Approach

Our ears and noses may never quit growing, but that doesn’t mean smell or sound are senses that stay strong forever. The human body breaks down over time. It’s possible to characterize the aging process in biological terms as concerns telomerase, which binds together DNA like tape keeps the fibers of a shoestring together. As you age, you lose telomerase.

This in turn inhibits your body’s natural restorative capabilities. Long-term damage to organs can repair in time, but as you age, the body loses this ability. Get a cut when you’re a youngster, it heals in a few days. Minor cuts sustained in advanced age may never heal. So it is that olfactory and audiological senses fade with time.

There are things you can do to help slow this gradual diminution of sensory sharpness, though. Following we’ll briefly look at three ways you can protect your hearing proactively into advanced age.

  1. Learn to Protect Your Ears in High Volume Situations

If you work around heavy machinery or otherwise high volume environments, get earplugs or earphones; whatever works best. It can be worthwhile to consult audiology professionals to determine just what sort of protection will be best.

  1. Check in With an Audiologist at Intervals

Speaking for audiologists, every few years it’s worthwhile to consult the expertise of healthcare options such as Advanced Audiology Care. Such experts can give you a screening to determine your hearing acumen, whether there are unexpected issues, and what can be done about them. Sometimes an audiologist may recommend hearing aids.

There are procedures which can help restore hearing in certain instances, and audiologists are also a fine resource for breakthroughs in hearing technology, such as hearing aids operating on principles of bone conduction.

  1. Avoid Unnecessarily Stressing Your Ears

When you start to leave your twenties, the liberating novelty of a loud rock concert loses some of its appeal. You might find you enjoy the music in your own way, and to a greater degree. So why not save money and skip the concert? Alternatively, sitting further from the stage or using hearing protection at the event can help.

Generally, if you can identify and avoid or protect against known loud environments, that will keep your ears from sustaining more damage than your body can recover from. Accordingly, you’ll be able to hear better longer.

On that note, try to reduce your daily levels of stress generally, as stress is linked to telomerase reduction and aging. Reduced stress means better biological healing capability, and subsequently, sharper senses into advanced age.

Protecting Your Ears

Try not to stress yourself or your ears. Visit audiological professionals on occasion. Use hearing protection when it’s appropriate. Follow these steps, and you should hear more clearly for longer. While it may not be possible to completely stop aging, you still have the ability to take care of yourself.

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