4 Employee Incentive Ideas That’ll Increase Productivity

Did you know that every one out of three employees doesn’t trust their boss?

A strained relationship can affect employee turnover, their performance as brand ambassadors, and their overall work ethic. It’s critical that you connect with your employees to strengthen workplace efficiency.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by rewarding employees for their work. But what are the most effective employee incentive ideas to test out?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for four of the best employee incentives to use in your own office!

  1. Offer Workplace Flexibility 

It’s no longer just freelancers working from home. More and more employees are finding they’re more productive and efficient when working remotely. It comes as no surprise, as they’re in a familiar and comforting environment and likely have fewer distractions.

If possible, give your employees the opportunity to work from home, even if it’s only for a portion of the week. Not only will it demonstrate your trust in them, but it will also give them the chance to become more independent. If your business doesn’t rely on a 9-5 schedule, explore letting your employees build their own schedule as well.

  1. Create Exciting Branded Merch

The stronger your relationship with your employees, the more motivated they’ll be to meet deadlines and accomplish more. The best way to develop this relationship is by making your employees feel as though they’re part of a real business community.

With company merch, you’re giving your employees a little something to remind them that they’re part of something big. Company swag can easily be used as employee rewards for staff competitions or simply as milestone markers. Working with a merch-hosting platform is easy and will give your employees something to look forward to after completing a big project.

  1. Provide Monetary Rewards

It’s difficult to make a list of employee incentive ideas without mentioning monetary rewards. After all, no matter how much your employees may enjoy their job, their ultimate goal is to make money to support themselves.

That’s why monetary rewards are key in improving productivity. Profit shares, bonuses, and raises all help to keep employees on track and working towards goals.

  1. Host Professional Development Programs

When managing employees, you have to consider where they’re struggling. Do your employees have trouble with communication? Perhaps there’s a lack of leadership?

Give your employees a chance to grow through professional development programs. This could be something as elaborate as a workshop or as simple as a weekly one-on-one chat with their supervisor. Either way, it will boost an employee’s skill set and their confidence in their work.

Utilize the Best Employee Incentive Ideas

There’s nothing more demoralizing than an unenthusiastic staff. The only sure-fire way to improve workplace productivity is by making your employees excited to work. With the employee incentive ideas above, you’ll have no trouble motivating your team and boosting your productivity!

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