4 Fun Facts About Diver’s Watches

Diver’s watches are a staple timepiece in the watch industry. Every brand has a diver’s watch in its collection, making it one of the most sought-after models. Despite its soaring popularity, it is a recent addition to the existing collection of watches we know today. Because of this, brands always include a diving watch to showcase their design. 

The history of the diving watch is an interesting one watch collectors should know. Without them, it would never introduce the quality of life features set by diver’s watches. Before diving watches came to the market, here are four interesting facts that built the foundation.

Origins In Military Diving

When watchmaking was still in its infancy, there was no demand for diver’s watches. The technology did not exist at the time until the military decided to require such timepieces. Italian Navy Commandos were the first to implement this rule, which forever changed the watch. At first, the watch’s usefulness was steering a torpedo underwater between two men. These watches included the first waterproof feature that became a defining feature of diving watches. As a result, it is now the standard practice to test a watch’s water resistance. 

All Diver’s Watches Have Bezels

Compared to existing watches, every diver’s watch always has a bezel. The bezel should show a unidirectional design to reduce diving time. It is also an important safety feature of the timepiece. With the bezel, divers will focus on and maintain their oxygen. As a result, divers will not get caught off guard underwater.

Furthermore, the bezel can include a diving time scale for easier tracking. It makes identifying a diver’s watch in a collection easy to recognize.  

Diver’s Watches Follow Strict Standards

It is no surprise that diving watches follow a strict standard in manufacturing. If the watch does not pass the test, it will not pass on as a sellable watch. Every watch manufactured follows the ISO 6425 standards to get its certification. 

Because of this, the standard water resistance starts at 100 meters. If the watch does not meet the standard, it can sell as a different watch model. Various brands, such as Prospex, tend to increase the resistance to ensure a high-quality product. It ensures that it is safe for a deepsea diving experience, along with the many challenges it provides. 

Special Diver’s Watches Have An Escape Valve

The escape valve found in specific watches addresses common problems divers encounter. Pro divers follow saturation diving, where they must remain in their tanks for safety. The watch’s escape valve decompresses it so it can still work in the deepest depths. 

These escape valves are present in ready-made models, but it is rarely needed. Like the inclusion of the bezel, it makes watchmaking an integral part of horology. 

Wrapping Up

A diving watch showcases what a watch can do under extreme conditions. Having military origins, these timepieces get built to last more than a lifetime. If you are an experienced diver, you can thank diving watches that include safety features for each user. Owning one in your collection shows your support and adds security to your lifestyle. Ultimately, the diver’s watch changed how watches work in our daily lives.

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