4 Great Things About The New E-Commerce Platform Temu

Temu is a new e-commerce company that was launched last September. It is a part of the Nasdaq-PDD group, a giant company that was dubbed as the world’s fastest-growing internet company by Goldman Sachs. Temu launch definitely brings a great benefit to the customers in the U.S. because now they have an additional shopping platform to utilize. Allowing them to get more options when going online to purchase for their wants and needs. 

On top of that, what makes Temu very special is that it also provides the customer with a huge amount of products inside its platform. Ensuring that the platform could be a one-stop solution for all.

Aside from Temu’s many positive reviews and great benefits, there are 4 shocking things about this new e-commerce that you might never know about before. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

Not “Really” New In The E-Commerce Space

As mentioned before, Temu is part of the Nasdaq-PDD group. Alongside Temu, Pinduoduo –its sister company, is also under the same group. Pinduoduo is a giant e-commerce platform in China. Though it was only launched in 2015, its rise to success is definitely no wonder. Pinduoduo successfully received 61 billion orders in 2021 alone! Thus why it also has a huge number of manufacturers under its banner.

This is why Temu is not really new in the e-commerce space. Though it just made its debut three months ago, in actuality, Temu has more experience and advantage because of its sister company. Temu also has the opportunity to tap into the Pinduoduo line of manufacturers, thus why it is so easy for Temu to source products for its platform and not produce them by itself. 

Having the Pinduoduo network, helps Temu to be able to easily bring China’s goods to the western country. Allowing them to get the benefit of high-quality products at a very affordable cost. 

Does Not Produce Its Own Products

Just like its sister company, Temu does not produce its own products. Rather it taps into Pinduoduo’s huge networks of global merchants to be able to get the products for Temu’s platform. This is what makes it easy for Temu to beef up its platform with lots of different products to put on its platform. Fashionwear, home appliances, electronics, and even miscellaneous products are available to shop at Temu.

Pledge To Offset Carbon Emissions From Every Delivery

Temu understands that paying attention to the environmental situation is important. Especially so for all business entities. Thus to do its part in maintaining the environmental condition, Temu committed to offsetting carbon emissions from its deliveries to create a sustainable practice. Temu works closely with its logistics partners to ensure they can create an effective route to source and deliver orders efficiently.

Put First Intellectual Properties Right

Unlike some of its e-commerce rivals who are known for their indifference toward intellectual property rights, Temu is definitely not like that. Temu sources the products on its platform from varied global merchants; they still do screening on the Temu platform regularly because they are committed to making sure that this intellectual property rights policy is implemented through and through. If any of its global merchants abandon this policy, Temu will immediately take a step to eliminate them.

These are the 4 things that you might never know before about Temu! If you are a first-time user, you can get further benefits of 90% discounts on selected products. Thus, wait no more and shop now to get the best experience at Temu!

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