4 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Tree Trimming Service

Plants are the world’s dominant life-form—that is, they make up 80 percent of all living things on the planet.

Not only do they absorb carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas that’s emitted into the atmosphere, but they also release oxygen from their leaves.

To give you a better idea, one tree can produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year!

If anything, that’s another reason why it’s good to have trees in the yard. Keep in mind, however, that you do have to maintain them regularly.

Wondering whether or not you should call a tree trimming service? Not sure what the signs are? If so, you’re on the right page—keep reading to learn more!

Why You Need to Prune Your Tree

Pruning refers to the removal of damaged or dead branches. Not only will it improve the appearance of the tree, but it will also make it healthier.

For example, it can help prevent the spread of decay. In addition to that, it can increase sun exposure and air circulation, both of which can promote the healthy growth of leaves and branches.

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Tree Trimming Service 

Ensuring the health of your trees means that you have to care for them regularly. Here are a few signs that you must call tree removal near me. Here to find Lexington professional tree trimming service

  1. Broken Branches 

Are there any broken branches? If so, it’s time to prune your tree. Generally speaking, this type of damage is often seen after heavy snow, winds, or rainfall.

If you neglect it, it can easily become a hazard. For example, it can fall off and hit something. You might also check out Tree Surgeons Hertfordshire.

  1. Diseased Portions 

It’s important to trim your tree if there are dead or diseased portions—that can indicate a serious disease or a pest problem, both of which can eventually kill it.

By pruning the diseased portions, you won’t have to worry about it spreading to healthy portions of the tree!

  1. The Tree Is Too Large 

It’s possible for trees to grow too large and when that happens, they can pose a safety hazard. For example, they can interfere with power lines.

Generally speaking, the best time to do this type of trimming is in the late winter or early spring, when the tree is just opening its buds.

  1. Storm Damage 

Storms can easily cause damage to trees. Given that, you’ll want to get them inspected by a tree service company to make sure that they don’t pose a danger.

For one thing, broken branches will have to be cut and removed (even the strongest of branches can become weak after storms).

Trimming the Trees In Your Yard 

And there you have it—four signs that you need to hire a TREE SERVICES. As you can see, there’s more than one thing to look out for.

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