4 Tips For Better Unwanted Animal Control

Do you have unwanted animals on your property? Whether it’s a family of raccoons in the attic, deer eating all your plants, or rabbits running around in the garden, dealing with these pests can be both time-consuming and expensive. Good thing you can take steps to ensure that these animals stay away from your home for good. This blog post will be clear on the tips for better-unwanted animal control. So if you’re ready to control those pesky critters once and for all, read on.

1. Make Your Trash Cans Unbreakable

Access to anything that can act as food is a significant attraction for animals. Make sure that your trash can lids are secure and that animals won’t be able to get in them by using animal-proof containers whenever possible. This will reduce the chances of food scraps and other edible items becoming available to unwanted animals, thus reducing their desire to come onto your property.

Have cans with heavy lids and use bungee cords or wire to secure them shut. Lock your trash cans up in a shed or enclosed area that animals cannot access. This will also help keep your garbage from blowing away in the wind, which can further attract animals.

2. Hire Pest Control Professionals

You can always hire experts to eliminate unwanted wildlife if all else fails. They have the tools and expertise to safely and humanely remove critters from your property. They will also be able to advise you on how to prevent animals from coming back in the future.

Make sure you research beforehand and hire a reputable pest control company. Check their reviews, ask for references, and ensure they use humane methods when removing any wildlife from your property. The team at https://www.bugsbegone.com.au/ guides that pest control efforts need proper planning. If, for instance, you have a rodent menace at your place, then you need to look for a professional in the rodent control business. Besides, they should be well-versed in using the right rodent control products like snap traps, poison baits, and mechanical traps that are safe for your home or commercial space.

3. Remove Wildlife Habitats

If you want to prevent wildlife from coming onto your property, make sure to remove any potential habitats you have around your home. This means thinning out dense foliage that could provide animal shelter or cutting back trees or shrubs close to your house.

You should also eliminate sources of standing water, such as birdbaths and ponds since these can attract birds and other wildlife. Take the time to clean up any litter, such as cans and plastic bags, that could be providing food for animals.

4. Consider Fencing

Installing a fence is one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted wildlife away from your property. Make sure to use a sturdy material such as chain link or metal that animals can’t easily chew through. Make sure the fence is tall enough so that animals cannot jump over it, and place it at least two feet away from any trees or shrubs to prevent animals from using those as a way in.

Alternatively, you can install electric fencing, which uses a mild shock to deter animals. Check your local regulations before doing so, and only use them as a last resort. Remember that electric fencing is both a physical and emotional deterrent and can be traumatizing for animals.

These four tips will help you better manage and control unwanted animals on your property. Remember that reasonable animal control starts with prevention, so take the necessary steps to keep animals away from your home in the first place. Taking a few extra steps now will save you both time and money down the road.

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