4 Tips on How to Turn a Garage Into a Man Cave

Every once in a while, we all need some personal space to relax and unwind. And if you’re a man, there’s no better place for it than a man cave.

As for where to build it, the garage is the obvious choice. It already has three basic building blocks: four walls, a roof, and a floor. With a few adjustments, any garage can become the man cave of your dreams.

Want to know more about how to turn a garage into a man cave? These four simple tips will get you started—and keep you going!

  1. Consider the Flooring

An oil-stained concrete floor isn’t much to look at. Power wash it, then figure out how much effort you want to invest in the flooring.

Your quickest option is to lay down interlocking rubber floor tiles. They’re comfortable to walk on, easy to find, and simple to clean. For a more permanent solution, consider putting in a subfloor.

Want to separate your garage space from your living space? Lay down some carpet padding or go with wall-to-wall carpeting. This will also dampen sound and keep the temperature steady.

If you don’t do anything else to the floor, you’ll want to epoxy it. A layer of stone epoxy will hide imperfections, and you can install it in a weekend.

  1. Declutter the Space

If you want to turn a garage into a man cave, you’ll first need to declutter it. Doing so can make an area go from “storage space” to “living space” in the blink of an eye. If needed, get some garage repairs done as well.

One way to declutter is to buy wire shelving, spray paint it, and put your stuff on it. Alternatively, you can use freestanding storage as a makeshift partition. A series of cabinets give you plenty of space for tools and supplies.

  1. Set the Mood With Lighting

Lighting is a big part of any good garage remodel. Most garages are only lit by bulbs, and adding a light fixture can do wonders for ambiance. A translucent semi-flush fixture will provide a lot of light while taking up little space.

If you’re planning on adding something like a wet bar, you’ll want task lighting as well. A wall-mounted light should do the trick. For a pool or poker table, hang a pendant lamp overhead.

  1. Decorate Your Man Cave

The last thing you’ll need to consider is your man cave decor. When picking things to display here, choose whatever that makes you happy. You can also go with something that clashes with the interior design of your house.

Thinking about a paint job? For best results, choose one color for the main space and two to three accent colors. If your garage doesn’t have the best air circulation, make sure to use moisture-blocking paint.

How to Turn a Garage Into a Man Cave Today

Contrary to popular opinion, making a man cave isn’t as hard as it seems. Plus, since all the work is internal, you likely don’t need planning permission. As long as you follow the above tips, your man cave should be ready in no time!

Want to know more about how to turn a garage into a man cave? Interested in other man cave ideas you can use? Keep reading our DIY-related content!


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