4 Tips to Prepare You for Your First Hunting Experience

If you are getting ready for your first-ever hunting experience, there are a few things you should know right from the very start. From the kind of firearm that you use to the accessories and even clothing you wear, there isn’t room to forget one single thing you will need. These tips are being offered to help you think about some of the gear you’ll want to bring along and a few other pointers on the actual hunting experience itself.

1. Choosing Your Rifle

Since you probably won’t be taking a trip to Africa to hunt big game, the kind of rifle to start with would be an AR-15. This has become the gold standard for hunters because of the precision it is known for. This is also why you’ll often find sites dedicated to the gun with all the information you’ll need to outfit your rifle with accessories to make any hunting trip a rewarding experience.

An AR-15 is best suited to a small game but later on, after you’ve been out there a few times, you can find ways to make a few alterations to begin hunting a larger game. First, however, we recommend that you start with a standard gun and smaller game to give you the experience you need to alter or add backup front and rear iron sights.

 2. Don’t Go Out There Alone!

Even seasoned hunters try to take a buddy along because, as they say, there is safety in numbers. You might want to go along on your first hunting experience with a friend who is experienced and can help you learn what you need to know about hunting in general. Some newbie hunters join hunting or gun clubs for just this reason. They are smart enough to know that hunting can be extremely dangerous if the hunter hasn’t been adequately prepared. If you get tripped up changing those iron sights, an experienced hunter can show you how to do it quickly so as not to lose a beat when there’s an animal just asking to be your prey.

3. Safe Hunting Apparel

The clothing you wear can have an impact on your safety out there. Orange vests are typically worn so that you can be seen by other hunters. If there is little danger of other hunters being out there where you are hunting, then camouflage would be okay, but not as safe as the bright orange you would be wearing. Other hunters in the area will spot that bright color so that you won’t be mistaken for an animal hiding behind a bush. Camouflage won’t be as easy to spot and that’s why some hunters always opt for the safety of orange.

4. Don’t Overlook Legalities

The one thing you never want to do is hunt for any game that is out of season. You will probably know which types of animals you can hunt when you apply for your hunting license. In other words, get that license to ensure you won’t be fined heavily, or worse, for failing to obtain a hunting license in your state. While this may be your first hunting experience, you will want to have everything on hand that you could possibly need.

Don’t forget a fully charged cell phone in case you need rescuing for any reason, and a small first aid kit wouldn’t hurt either. Many hunters get scratched while working their way through a forest area, and those scratches can be quite deep. You may run into poison ivy or poison oak, so a first aid kit is an absolute must-have. Enjoy your first hunting experience so that you will be prepared for dozens of hunting trips in the future.

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