5 Alternatives to Nursing Homes for Seniors

In 2021, the US life expectancy is 78.99 years. Many people who get to that point in life dread the idea of nursing home care options.

What are their concerns? Are they worried about paying for it? Does the lack of privacy and independence bother them? Or are they just not ready to leave their home?

The good news is there are many alternatives to nursing homes. Keep reading to learn about some comfortable and safe options for nursing home alternatives for you or your loved ones. Click here for CBA Training.

  1. Assisted Living 

Do you or your loved one need some assistance with things like laundry and meal preparation? There are different types of assisted living options that offer help where needed but some privacy as well.

It’s a good balance for those who don’t need medical care but want the feeling of community. They can partake in meals, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare monitoring if needed.

  1. In-Home Care 

Not everyone wants community living as they age but might need some help from time to time. Home care provides that. A caregiver visits the seniors in their home on a daily or weekly basis.

Services include minor medical care, help getting dressed, hygiene, transportation, meal prep, and light cleaning.

  1. Respite Care 

Are you the sole caregiver for a family member? Respite care is supplementary to the care you give so you can run errands, go on vacation, go to work, or just plain take a break.

While some respite care takes place in the home, other respite programs are part of adult day care centers or senior living communities.

  1. Medicare PACE Programs

Medicare Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) programs employ a team of healthcare professionals to provide long-term care to seniors in their own home or a family member’s home. This care is for seniors who would otherwise require nursing home care.

People 55 and over who need nursing home level care, have Medicare or Medicaid, and live within the service area of a PACE organization are eligible for the program.

  1. Adult Foster Care

Also referred to as boarding homes or adult family homes, adult foster care is when 1-6 seniors live in a shared private residence. They can socialize with each other and share meals.

Seniors in this alternative arrangement receive assistance with meds, bathing, toileting, and household duties. Medical care is not included.

Do you like the idea of staying in your own home? Check out home care for independent living for alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living options for seniors.

Comfortable and Safe Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Do you or a loved one need a little assistance at home? Think over these alternatives to nursing homes and choose the one that works best for your situation.

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