5 Amazing Trends in Custom Beverage Formulation

Mankind has created beverages for himself ever since the dawn of proper civilization. One need only look to the long and storied history of booze for evidence of our willingness to experiment with beverage formulation.

From crushing grapes into wine to brewing beans into coffee. From brewing leaves and herbs into teas to carbonating water and mixing it with syrup. From squeezing oranges for their juice to mixing vitamins and add-ins into lab-made “health potions”. Our understanding of making the best drinks continues to evolve year to year.

Want to join this effort to make the best drink? Here are 5 hot trends in custom beverage formulation.

1. The Best Drinks Are Going Au Naturale

Consumers are sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. The target for their blame tends to shift from year to year, many agree that it’s our overreliance on artificial ingredients and sweeteners that make us tired, fat, and unhappy. As such, the best drinks on the market now eschew all of that nonsense in favor of natural sweeteners and ditching artificial preservatives.

2. Incorporating Vitamins in Beverage Formulation

Functional beverages are the future of beverage formulation. People love when they can buy drinks that act as a one-stop shop for many of their daily needs. After all, what would you sooner do if given the choice between taking 5-6 vitamin pills or drinking something with the recommended daily value of all of them?

To learn more about the latest vitamins and minerals incorporated in new drinks, reach out to a beverage development company today!

3. Adding a Splash of Coffee or Tea

Everyone loves the benefits of a cup of plain coffee or tea. However, not everyone can stand the bitter flavors that come from drinking it alone. So, many of the best drinks on the market have found a way to incorporate extracts of coffee or tea to add a little jolt of caffeine to their formula.

4. Citrus and Spice and Everything Nice

If you go to buy drinks from a health beverage store, chances are that you’ve seen a lot of the same flavor profiles listed over and over. Orange. Lemon. Cinnamon. Cayenne pepper. Ginger.

Whether this is due to the upper respiratory symptoms associated with the ongoing pandemic or some larger trend, functional beverages everywhere want to incorporate citrus and spice into their ingredients and flavor profiles.

5. CBD Is in Everything- Even Drinks

It seems like CBD is in everything these days, and drinks are no exception. If you want to hop on the trend for the best drink to relax with, using CBD in your beverage formulation is the right way to go.

Want to Learn More About Beverage Formulation?

The trends and science behind beverage formulation are an ever-shifting beast. If you’d like to learn more about crafting the best drink, functional, alcoholic, or otherwise, then check out our blog. We update each day with more deliciously informative food and drink articles like this one.

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