5 Attributes for Financial Success

Woah, did you see that guy in that suit? It costs more than my car. Was it luck or something about him that brought such financial success?

It could be a mixture of both, but a lot of wealthy individuals share a certain set of skills and attributes that certainly contribute to their financial dominance. Some of these can be learned and some are innate abilities that are deeply imbued into that person’s being.

Perhaps you’re one of these individuals – find out if you are by checking out these 5 attributes of the super-rich.

  1. Critical Thinkers and Geniuses

A sharpened mind is invaluable in just about any industry. It’s certainly useful in honing your wealth.

Being a logical thinker or a genius isn’t necessarily something you can learn, but you can heighten your ability to think. Try working your way through some puzzles or keep your brain constantly active. Just like a muscle, you can train your smarts.

  1. Overbearing Confidence

Think about this: how often do you see a meek, unconfident individual step out of their Ferrari? Aside from Bill Gates and the other tech-monsters, confidence is almost a certain indication of someone that is – or will be – successful.

People that grab the eyes of everyone in the room will glide through life. They’re typically handed more prevalent jobs than those that lack confidence. Their lives are just generally better.

  1. Patience Makes for Financial Success

A hasty wallet is an empty one.

Wealthy people have excellent self-control. They don’t make rash decisions with money, and they’ll typically invest what money they can very wisely and patiently.

Jumping into a purchase or an investment at a whim is a fool’s game. Patient people are usually very pensive with financial planning. And in financial success, patience goes a long way.

Holding your wealth is a tactic that experienced investors need. Let’s see what you’ve got with the Investor IQ Quiz.

  1. How Deep Is Your Network?

Life can be a little unfair, on occasion. Some people are rich just because they know other rich people.

Knowing the right guy or the lady in charge at a company can be your in to a certain position. Having a deep network of people that can vouch for you is indispensable when trying to move up in the world.

It sounds kind of devious climbing up the ladder at the expense of other people. But it’s just a means to an end. Best of all, forming connections can be easy and achievable.

  1. Discipline

Wealth isn’t something that comes from thin-air (unless, of course, it’s inheritance). Working hard for your money is not only admirable, but it’s almost a sure path to riches.

Having the discipline to work for your financial success will always be the fine line between the haves and the have-nots.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Those with wealth and financial success, typically, earn it through their own achievements and skills.

Critical thinkers and those with discipline can work hard to accomplish success in finance. People with confidence and patience will command a room and the respect of investors. And individuals with deep connections will always have an advantage over those without friends in high places.

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