5 Benefits of an EMF Detector in Your Home

In a world filled with electrical equipment, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that you walk around in an electromagnetic field of one kind or another all day. After all, everything from your smartphone and WiFi router to your microwave emits them.

The crazy part is that most people have no idea how intense an EMF field they’re in at any given time or even where an EMF field comes originates. That’s where an EMF detector comes in handy. Wondering what benefits you can get from an EMF detector?

Keep reading for five possible benefits.

1. Potential Health Benefits

The accepted wisdom is EMF is generally harmless. Yet, there is some anecdotal evidence that even low-intensity EMF can affect your body in a lot of ways. For example, those fields may trigger headaches, interfere with sleep, and even make concentration difficult.

Using an EMF detector like a TriField TF2 can help you identify fields that may trigger those problems for you.

2. Identify EMF Hotspots in Your Home

While you may know that your smartphone or microwave can generate an EMF field, those aren’t the only things that can do it. A wide range of household items can do it, including:

  • Alarm clocks
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Electrical wiring

The reality is that almost all electrically charged objects can generate an EMF field, but some are stronger than others. An EMF meter can help you pin down those objects or spots.

3. Rearrange Your Home

Let’s say you find several strong EMF sources near your bed, such as your alarm clock and some of the wiring in the wall. While you can move the alarm clock, you can’t move the wiring. You can potentially move the bed to limit your exposure to the wiring-based EMF.

You can also move things like a WiFi router away from areas where people spend a lot of time.

4. Run Experiments

For the scientifically curious, you can use an EMF detector to run your own casual experiments. For example, you can take measurements in your own home. Then, you can ask to do the same in a friend’s home and compare results.

5. Interest Kids in Science

If you have kids, you can use the EMF meter as a way to interest your kids in science. You can tell them what the meter measures and let them take readings. You can use that as a springboard to encourage them to do some basic research online about EMF.

Is an EMF Detector Right for Your Home?

An EMF detector isn’t most people’s first thought when they think of things their homes need. Yet, if you move and find that you struggle with things like sleep or concentration when you didn’t before, an EMF detector can make sense.

Plus, it’s the kind of basic science tool that you can use for your own experiments or as a way to help interest kids in science.

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