5 best ways to improve your health in Dubai during your holidays

We used to think that in Dubai all roads lead to malls – giants, equipped with pavilions of all possible brands, where tourists spend most of their time. Or they get acquainted with the architectural works of modern art. Perhaps they are having dinner at one of the most fashionable restaurants in the world, somewhere on top of a skyscraper. Now you will learn how to get the most out of your visit to Dubai and improve your health at the same time.

Try an authentic spa

Massage has a beneficial, healing effect on our muscular system. With a high-speed rhythm of life, our muscles always need to be in good shape. Massage causes alternate contraction and relaxation of the muscles, providing them with stretching, which leads to an increase in elasticity, flexibility, and firmness. Dubai is the first-class address for those who choose the best in travel and lifestyle. One of the most attractive holiday options here is the spa experience, which combines ancient traditions with modern equipment. Most highly recommended to start with is deep tissue massage Dubai. Deep tissue massage breaks down the knots formed in muscles as a result of strain and stress. Be sure to treat yourself and your body with such an experience.

Roast your bones in the Turkish hammam

For almost the entire history of the Islamic world, the hammam was the center of wellness procedures. In Dubai, this was approached in a purely Dubai way and supplemented the traditions of the ancestors with modern technologies. As a result, a particularly technologically advanced Turkish hammam was opened in one of the spa centers, which is distinguished by the fact that the heat in it comes directly from the marble and the puffs of steam shimmer with various aromas.

Visit a cosmetologist

In some hotels, you can sign up for a rejuvenating cosmetic procedure that restores the natural elasticity of the skin and facial contours. The method is based on natural black caviar extract. These procedures are most effective if the skin has insufficient moisture, which is typical for older people. There are also procedures that restore the skin of the face, and a special message that normalizes healthy lymph circulation. Recently, skin-smoothing and edema-relieving massages have also appeared. And all these procedures are carried out using healing mud, water, sea clay, and various miraculous mixtures.

Attend a yoga festival

Dubai regularly hosts an international yoga festival where you can attend a seminar on this ancient art for free. Guided by world-famous yogis, guests will be able to attend classes and seminars from dawn to dusk, enjoy meditations and conversations. Moreover, seminars and training programs are intended for adepts of various levels. So even if you’ve never tried yoga before, this is a great way to change that.

Visit a local farmer’s fair

The limited amount of rainfall and the peculiarities of the climate have led the UAE to a careful attitude to water resources. However, despite the arid climate, the United Arab Emirates managed to build a developed system of agriculture. Every weekend, a fair opens in Dubai, where products from all farms in the country are sold. The advantage of this bazaar is that all the products on the counter are exceptionally healthy, environmentally friendly, and do not contain any additives. In addition, visiting this fair gives you the opportunity to see real – not glamorous and not gold-dusted Dubaians.

We agree that Dubai is the capital of luxury and it’s impossible not to want to experience all of the finest attributes of luxury living in this bustling city. However, along with the impressive architecture of the future and unique luxurious restaurants, people here have learned to apply the concepts of luxury and modern technology to the field of health and beauty.

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