5 Chemotherapy Tips to Help You Get Through Treatment Easier

You are going to live with cancer. Survival rates for all cancers are increasing, thanks to improved treatments.

Chemotherapy is an essential part of your cancer treatment. It can increase your life expectancy by several years. But it can also be scary.

Every person’s experience with cancer and chemotherapy is different. But here are five chemotherapy tips that can help you.

1. Remain Connected

Talk to anyone involved with your treatments. Ask your doctors questions. Consult with them about chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Ask your doctors about palliative treatments that can manage your pain. Most hospitals have in-house palliative therapists. Schedule an appointment when your chemotherapy is done.

Talk to your lawyer if you have any legal concerns. Visit here if you believe chemotherapy has impacted your vision.

Talk to your friends and family. Talk to people on the phone while you are undergoing therapy, and arrange to have guests visit you. Build a strong support network for yourself.

Visit a cancer support group in your area or online. Support groups allow you to make friends, improve your emotional state, and learn more chemotherapy tips. They can also arrange rides, visits, and other services for you.

2. Be Nutritious

Chemotherapy is most effective when the patient is otherwise well. It is difficult to be nutritious while undergoing therapy, but it is possible.

Eat when you feel like eating. Start with fresh fruits and yogurts. Eat whole grains and lean protein when you are not nauseous.

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water the night before chemotherapy. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Exercise if you can. Go on walks and perform yoga. Do not perform intense exercises, but do try to build your strength.

3. Keep a Regular Schedule

Cancer is disruptive. But you can live your life with it.

Schedule your chemotherapy for a convenient time. Give yourself free time in the morning and evening to work and relax. Free up time to speak to your doctor after your treatment.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Get at least eight hours of continuous sleep.

Have someone else run errands for you. Focus on your well-being. You are more important than your chores.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

Chemotherapy can last several hours. Keep your mind active.

Bring work materials. Call into your office to check in. If you don’t want to work, have some fun. Bring games, books, and podcasts. Invite a friend to talk or play with you.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Treatment centers can be dry and cold, so bring moisturizing cream and warm clothes. Bring a cushion to sit on.

5. Be Mindful

Your mind is just as important as your body. Cancer is stressful. But you can manage the stress.

Perform deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, hold it in, then exhale. Meditate and use guided imagery.

Talk to a psychiatrist or therapist who specializes in cancer patients. Attend regular sessions with them. Pursue palliative treatments that can improve depression or anxiety.

Make plans for yourself. Prepare to go on vacations and attend family gatherings. Remain hopeful.

You can manage your cancer, and many people do.

Find More Chemotherapy Tips

Chemotherapy is scary. But you can live with it. Remain connected, eat and drink well, keep a regular schedule, keep yourself busy, and be mindful.

Every person’s experience with cancer is different. Continue reading about chemotherapy tips and cancer treatment. Visit our health section for more information.

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