5 Construction Industry Trends to Look Out For in 2021

The construction industry is one of the worst hit by the pandemic, with 40% of firms laying off their staff. The disruption forced sudden changes in construction management since every level needed adjustments.

Despite immense challenges that threatened to demolish the construction industry, new trends have come up.
We have taken it upon ourselves to investigate trends set to thrive post the pandemic.

As market shifts are more abrupt than ever, considering these five construction industry trends will prove useful to your business in 2021.

  1. Going Remote

The pandemic has made one thing very clear. If you can manage both administrative and construction jobs remotely, then your business is bound to grow.

Remote services are not going anywhere and it’s high time you start using them too. Construction managers are investing in drones with complete GIS systems and great lenses.

Products like biometric clock-ins for workers and estimating software for contractors have lightened the load on administrative tasks.

Looking at a project from all angles provides managers with golden information. The estimation of the quantity of materials on-site is easy and so is the identification of safety irregularities.

Moreover, creating ortho-mosaic maps enables the managers to remodel as much as they like before construction.

  1. Safety First

Hard hats and overalls are a must-have for any construction worker. This proves how much the construction industry values safety. Besides, the last thing you would want is a lawsuit on your hand based on safety regulations. Construction safety can be in a different form, such as how concrete scanning is applied on sites that deal with concrete. The process ensures the safety of the workers and the area by scanning the items below the concrete prior to any drilling or repair.

Post pandemic world is a masked one and construction jobs demand more PPEs than ever.

Construction management teams ought to plan how they will accommodate a few workers per shift and still manage required manpower output.

  1. Construction Industry on Rewind

In the short period between June and July 2020, the market for non-residential buildings experienced a significant drop of 31%.

The pandemic has influenced this behavior directly, as more consumers seek private spaces away from commercial buildings. This has reversed a trend that has existed for years as the demand for large office spaces dies down.

  1. Design Technology

Who would want to build an entire building only to realize a flaw at the end?
Design technology promises builders a way to construct buildings virtually before investing in any resources on the ground.

The hassle it would save you on the actual project is just too great to ignore. Building Information Technology (BIM) has revolutionized the world of architecture and in turn the construction industry.

  1. 3D Printing

We printed paper, plastics and now we are on to buildings.

Construction management teams worldwide love this trend because it reduces the cost of labor significantly. It also addresses the social distancing issue.

Grab Your Hard Hat

Now that you have equipped yourself with the most promising trends in the construction industry, it is time to get to work. Strategize with your team on how to say flexible in the post-pandemic world.

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