5 Fence Maintenance Tips for all Types of Fences

About 50% of American homes have backyard fences. And while low front yard fences are less popular, they’re common too. 

Fences in America are usually for establishing boundaries and keeping pets contained on a property. Some places have laws that swimming pools need to be fenced off for safety. There isn’t a big culture of privacy in the US, so any fence that you see is probably serving a purpose. 

This means fence maintenance is important. Otherwise, the fences aren’t able to serve the role they’re being used for.

If you’ve got a fence from aurora fence companies and you haven’t been maintaining it, don’t panic! Here are the most important fence maintenance tips you need to know. 

  1. Consider the Material of Your Fence

Different types of fences need different maintenance practices. For example, a wooden fence needs to be protected from water more than a metal one, since wood rots faster than metal rusts. 

Know exactly what material you’re maintaining to ensure you’re using the right fencing tips. Click this link for different types of fence materials to choose from.

  1. Clean Your Fence Regularly

A lot of people think that because something is designed to be outside, it means it doesn’t need cleaning. This is not the case for fences. 

You can prolong the life of your fence with regular cleaning. Removing the dust, dirt, grime, and any bacteria or fungus keeps the material of your fence in a good condition. 

  1. Avoid Adding Weight to Your Fence

Fences are not designed to support the weight of anything other than themselves. But lots of people want to add decals or plants or other decorations to their fences. 

While this can look aesthetically pleasing, it challenges the structural integrity of the fence. Even plants like vines can add enough weight to make an impact. 

This kind of weight strain isn’t always obvious. Depending on the material of the fence, it might show any signs of the weight it’s under. But eventually, the fence will bow or break under the excess weight. 

  1. Repair Damages Immediately

Small damages to your fence won’t seem like a priority. But if you don’t deal with it immediately, you’ll end up forgetting about it. 

What you think are small damages might be more impactful than you realize. The structural integrity of the fence is weakened by any and all damages. Always make a fence repair as soon as possible. 

  1. Keep Nearby Grass and Plants Well-Maintained

Most fencing materials don’t react well to prolonged exposure to water. And plants are a constant source of it. 

Make sure you’re keeping grass trimmed and plants cut away from your fence. Otherwise, they bring moisture to your fence which can lead to rot or rust. They also make it easier for bacteria, fungi, and insects to get into your fence and damage it.

Fence Maintenance Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Fence

You can extend the lifespan of your fence by years if you use the right fence maintenance practices! This saves you lots of money in the long run since you’ll replace and repair the fence less frequently. 

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