5 Innovative Ideas for Upgrading Your Kids’ Bedroom

Children’s rooms should excite the imagination and soothe the mind; after all, they are places for dreams and play. For some adults, designing a child’s space is challenging because they have lost touch with that part of themselves that loves to pretend and be curious. Regardless of your level of creativity or ability to embrace the fanciful, you can create an incredible place for your little one’s imagination to blossom. Deciding on a theme is usually the most challenging part of the process, but once you have it, finding kids room wallpaper and other design elements becomes straightforward. Still, there are some tips to improve design form and function.

1. Introduce Stylish Storage

Every child’s room needs storage, but those storage choices can be interesting and creative. There is nothing wrong with buying a chest for toy storage, it is practical and feasible, but it can be so much more. An obvious choice for your little adventurer is to create a makeshift treasure chest. While the project may sound complicated, you can do so much with hot glue, cardboard, and paint. Incorporating kids teepee beds can not only add an element of adventure but also create additional concealed storage within the teepee structure. This unique approach blends functionality with creativity, ensuring that your child’s room remains an exciting and organized space that sparks their imagination

If DIY projects aren’t your style, you can look for existing whimsical dressers or storage beds. You can find raw wood furnishings that allow you to put your spin on the finishes. Perhaps you want to try a nontraditional finish like wallpaper or textiles.

2. Complete Redesign With Stylish Wallpaper

What age is your little one, and what is the purpose of the redesign? Is your child growing out of the storybook decor and wanting something a little more sophisticated? Wallpaper might be the key to accomplishing a fresh design look without much effort. 

Wallpaper comes in various forms and styles, from peel-and-stick to intricate patterns and textures. You can find papers with pictures, patterns, bold colors, etc. Wallpaper is a timeless material for a reason.

3. Incorporate Wall Art

Every room can use a bit of excitement on the walls, even if you use wallpaper. Wall art doesn’t have to be busy to be successful. You can find reprints of fine art or modern pieces. A unique, bold, and fun option is to turn a sample of California cotton fabric by the yard into a contemporary work of art. You can either hang it as is or frame a piece of it. You can even glue it to a canvas board to make installation easy.

4. Find a Playful Area Rug

Kids love to play and sleep on the floor. You can make their efforts a little more pleasant by introducing a rug to their bedroom. You can look for actual play rugs with images of cities and roads or choose a more tactile experience with a shag or similar materials.

5. Add Some Fun Furniture Pieces

There are so many pieces of furniture to choose from for children. If your child’s room is big enough, consider buying a couple of bean bag chairs. You can also select chairs suspended from the ceiling that act as mini swings.

While you can decorate your child’s bedroom with living room wallpaper, it is better to select materials and pieces that enforce creativity and comfort. Talk to a local interior design specialist for more information.

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