5 Inspiring Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Your backyard is an extension of your home. As much as we enjoy getting cozy in the living room or staying in bed all day, a great backyard can be your true sanctuary.

Like your home, you can also design your backyard however you please. You can place a gazebo, put water fountain, or a swimming pool. Plus, you get to be one with nature and breathe fresh air!

If you’re not adept with landscape design, designing might overwhelm you. To help you out, we listed some inspiring backyard landscape design ideas. Check them out and create your dream backyard.

  1. Vegetable Garden

You can use your backyard to build a beautiful vegetable garden. A vegetable garden is all the rave right now for landscape designers. This rave is due to the idea being fun and practical.

You can grow vegetables in raised garden beds or boxes. It’s an excellent way to make use of your space if you’re using different vegetable seeds or seedlings.

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  1. Modern Backyard

If your area doesn’t have much sunshine or rain, having flowers and rich greenery might not be your best bet.

A modern landscape design goes for stone or granite tiles to add definition. You can also make use of wooden beams or wooden planks. These do not need water since there isn’t much to maintain.

If you still want plants in your backyard, research what plants are native in your area. Those small sections of native plants help you achieve that wanted backyard vibe. You also won’t risk raising that water bill.

  1. Woodland Garden

A natural backyard landscape like woodlands glorifies nature in all its messy splendor. It attracts and fosters wildlife. It also requires less upkeep than a more manicured, formal garden.

Trying to recreate the woodland in your garden helps you attract birds. You can cover the ground with wildflowers and set up bird feeders.

  1. Flower Garden

A grassy, flat ground does make mowing a lot easier, but not having that pop of color can feel plain. Having a variety of flowers and plants offers your backyard that springtime look.

Rose bushes are a great way to brighten up your home. Experiment with flower beds and pots to achieve the ultimate flower garden.

  1. Add A Water Feature

A swimming pool isn’t the only water feature you can add to your backyard. Not everyone has the means for a backyard pool. Yet, there may still be an innate appeal to the sight and sound of water.

There are loads of backyard landscape design ideas that include a water feature. You can add a fountain, a small pond or stream, or even a well.

Upgrade Your Backyard Space With These Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Now you know what backyard landscape design ideas to try. Try these out now to upgrade your backyard.

You can mix and match two or three of these ideas. Find out what suits you best since your backyard will be a space you’ll want to spend most of your time.

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