5 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs to Elevate Your Space

Depending on the style of the kitchen, there are many different options when it comes to the backsplash. Backsplashes can add texture and color and even help to make a room feel bigger.

A herringbone backsplash is a unique way to bring patterns into your kitchen. The geometric design helps add visual interest and works well with modern and traditional styles.

Subway Tile

Consider a subway tile backsplash for a sleek, clean look that will impress guests and families alike. This 3×6-inch field tile is often arranged in staggered horizontal rows, but this timeless choice can also be installed vertically or in a herringbone pattern.

Although subway tiles are typically white porcelain, homeowners can experiment with other colors to enhance a kitchen remodel. For example, Leslie of The Leslie Style used minty green subway tile to create a unique cook space that complements her pink sink and marble countertops.

If you love the classic linear look of a subway tile backsplash, push it further with a modern metal finish like antique brass. The lustrous hue pairs beautifully with subway tile and coordinates with brushed nickel cabinet hardware, as shown in this elegant cook space by deVOL Kitchens.


Herringbone tile is a popular design trend perfect for upgrading their kitchen backsplash. This timeless style, which resembles fish bones, adds texture and character to your space while establishing a unique focal point.

If you want to try a herringbone backsplash but still decide whether to commit to the traditional vertical arrangement, try laying your tiles horizontally. This modern alternative elongates the pattern and creates a sleeker aesthetic.

When laying herringbone tile, be sure to use tile spacers. This small but essential step ensures that the spaces between your tiles are even. Otherwise, your backsplash will look uneven once the adhesive sets.

If herringbone tile is a classic, the chevron backsplash is its more spontaneous sibling. While both styles hearken back to a popular interlocking paving system of the Roman empire, the diagonal, zigzagging lines of chevron tile add a sense of movement and spontaneity that standard straight lay patterns simply can’t.

Mixed Materials

Backsplashes that incorporate a mix of materials add character and interest to your kitchen. Mixing matte, glossy and textured tiles create an eye-catching effect. For example, a herringbone or chevron pattern paired with a more traditional subway tile creates a striking contrast. Marble is also an attractive option for backsplashes, with rich veining and a natural look that can elevate your space.

Glass tile is another modern kitchen backsplash idea. These non-porous, moisture-proof tiles are easy to wipe down and resist mold, mildew, and stains. They also reflect light, giving your kitchen a brighter appearance.

Try Moroccan zellige tile if you want a backsplash with a bit of glitz. These handmade, highly glazed tiles are rustic and luminous, with an uneven surface that sparkles in the light. They can make a bold statement, but they’re also perfect for a kitchen with neutral colors or a modern geometric design.

Large Patterned Tile

When it comes to modern kitchen backsplash tile ideas, the possibilities are endless. Backsplash tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard 3 “x6″ subway style to extended 4″ x 12” versions that allow for herringbone layouts. In addition, you can find innovative styles with shapes that vary from the traditional rectangular brick shape to more wavy textured options.

Patterned backsplash tile adds visual interest to any kitchen, including those outfitted with neutral cabinetry. In this sleek kitchen, a bold teal backsplash is a standout feature that elevates the space. The wavy surface of the glass tile mimics rippling waves, creating movement that’s a welcome contrast to the smooth wood countertops and honey-colored cabinets.

When you want a backsplash that stands out, consider using listellos (long individual pencil-shaped tile pieces) to create decorative bands of color or texture. The dimensional look of these backsplash tiles adds depth and interest to your kitchen’s design without overpowering it. Similarly, you can use various grout colors to create different textures.

Angled Tile

The backsplash is the perfect place to add some personality to your kitchen. Whether you opt for a colorful palette, ornate patterns, or unique tile layouts, a backpack that catches the eye can elevate your kitchen’s design and increase its resale value.

While herringbone is a classic, chevron is another pattern making waves in the modern kitchen. Often mistaken for herringbone, the chevron has shorter ends that connect to form a 45-degree angle. This allows homeowners to create a bold, zigzag style that’s fun and stylish.

Diagonal tile layouts are also gaining popularity in the sydney modern kitchens. This look, which consists of tiles laid on an angle instead of side by side, can have a contemporary or traditional feel, depending on how you set the tiles and what color you use.

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