5 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is Beneficial For Weightlifters

The physical influences of massage therapy can be particularly effective in improving a weightlifter’s lifestyle and health by reducing the risk of injury and alleviating pain. The ultimate aim of sports massage therapy is to boost the internal tissues of the body by enhancing nutrient and blood circulation while removing toxins from the body at the same time.  Here are five reasons why massage therapy is beneficial for weightlifters.

Boosting Flexibility

Massage can enhance flexibility and a lifter must have a high level of flexibility to achieve optimum performance. Massage helps to stretch muscle fibers which helps to promote and maintain them. The effects of massage therapy can prevent the risk of injury by promoting overall flexibility. Tightness in a specific muscle group might not be counterbalanced by the same level of tightness in opposing muscles. If this is not addressed, it could result in a permanent imbalance of the muscles. This is often seen with bench pressers. They have well-developed muscles that generally remain in a tight position, however, the opposing muscles in their backs are not as well maintained and developed. This results in a hunched-over posture, which is well-known to anyone who has spent significant time in the gym.

Improving Circulation

Massage therapy boosts circulation, and enhanced circulation allows the lifter to breathe easier and move better. Heavy training cycles lead to microscopic damage to the muscles and fascial tissue. This damage must be rectified with amplified blood flow. Since massage therapy is effective in encouraging blood flow, it could help the lifter to recover and improve performance levels. Massage therapy is an effective method for increasing blood and lymphatic circulation and for waste removal from and supplying nourishment and oxygen to these areas. When tight muscles slow down the blood flow to muscles, they subsequently slow down the removal of metabolites. Nutrients gained by sufficient nutrition are transferred in the blood to start rebuilding broken-down tissues during the recovery stage of training and make them stronger. Tight muscles reduce blood flow during the recovery stage which can result in a less favorable process. A top massage chair brand like Osaki can offer many benefits that could help you stay in top form.

Lowering Pain

Massage is effective for alleviating muscular pain. When an athlete experiences pain, they can’t approach maximum poundage. Acute or chronic pain can set back a lifter’s performance. The less pain they experience, the better they will perform. Massage is often the appropriate therapy for pain relief.

Improves Sleep

Sleep forms a substantial portion of the recovery process. Massage therapy promotes better sleep in massage chairs. By obtaining better sleep, an athlete can perform at his best. Massage therapy lowers some of the tension and encourages longer and deeper sleep.

Reduced Tension

Massage therapy intensifies muscle relaxation levels and with frequent massage, a lifter can learn to relax his mind and body and as a result, improve his performance. By undergoing a deep tissue massage once a week, a lifter can keep his muscles healthy while improving flexibility, staying relaxed, and having a better sleep cycle. With massage therapy, potential trouble areas can be identified before they become more severe issues. Judged by the benefits that one can get from massage therapy, it is worth treating your body and yourself to a massage and as a result, increase your performance levels if you’re a weightlifter. Visit Energise Therapy Clinic to get better service.

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