5 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner Every Year

Aircons necessitate a service at least once a year. Just like a vehicle, an air conditioner requires frequent maintenance and service to run effectively. We recommend having your AC service cleaned once annually. The air conditioner service inspection should include checking the following:

  • Motor
  • Drain line
  • Blower
  • Operating temperatures and pressures
  • Return and supply lines
  • Coils
  • Connections
  • Refrigerant levels

Running your air conditioner without having it serviced can lead to some issues. The AC is equipped with components that allow it to filter the air, and if they are not cleaned or replaced, they can eventually lead to more substantial problems. If you have an air conditioner at your office or home, it is vital to maximize its usage. Here are five reasons why an air conditioner should be serviced frequently by a reputable air conditioning repair company such as OMNI Heating & Air.

Maintaining The Effectiveness Of The Air Conditioner

An air conditioner unit loses about five percent of its overall effectiveness each year if it is not maintained professionally. Frequent servicing ensures that your AC runs at optimum capacity, providing you with enhanced power consumption and faster cooling and heating. A unit with lost efficiency can be restored by having it maintained and serviced by a trained expert like Air Conditioning Mandurah.

Expanding The Lifespan Of The AC Unit

Air conditioners such as mechanical units will become less effective a lot sooner if it is not serviced. Irrespective of how sophisticated the equipment might be, blockages can happen, and the parts might need replacement. It’s common knowledge that an air-conditioning unit is expensive. It’s a considerable investment that you need to care for to last. And with frequent servicing and maintenance, your AC unit can attain ninety-six percent of its original effectiveness. In addition, With proper maintenance, the lifespan of an average system can double. For air conditioning installations and repairs, you can call the experts.

Saving On Your Electricity Bills

Air conditioners can consume a substantial percentage of your average monthly electricity bill and a unit that is poorly maintained typically draws more energy. Appropriate and effective maintenance can go a long way in saving you on costs. Monthly electricity costs of up to twenty-five percent can be saved if you opt for regular servicing of your AC unit.

A poorly maintained unit will likely have old and clogged filters that would require the unit’s motor to run more extensively. This inefficiency will have a direct effect on your energy consumption. Also, you might not notice that the coils and filters of your unit are damaged by rodents, and this will pose a huge problem with its efficiency and even safety. 

To help prevent costly bills and ensure the smooth and efficient running of your air conditioning equipment, seek the help of professionals for proper air conditioning Sydney maintenance and repair services.

Enhancing Your Quality Of Air

A good working AC unit that operates at full capacity will keep your space more comfortable by regulating the humidity and maximizing cooling. Various health benefits that are linked with poor air quality can be substantially reduced or eradicated completely with frequent servicing and maintenance of your home AC unit.

It’d be worth noting that a unit running in poor condition could be a source of contaminants circling your home. They could spread viruses, bacteria, and other elements around the house, including pollen, dander, dust, and other allergens. And when this happens, members of your family could get exposed, causing potential health risks, such as asthma, sinusitis, cough, and allergic reactions. 

On top of that, older members of the family are generally more vulnerable to air contaminants, which could significantly affect their health. With that, it’s essential that you guarantee your home’s air conditioning system is in good condition to ensure good quality of air.

Maintaining The Unit’s Warranty

The most essential benefit of all when it comes to AC maintenance and servicing is that most AC suppliers, contingent on the brand, offer a one or two-year warranty on new units if they were serviced frequently from the date of installation. Besides that, failing to maintain your AC unit properly can result in your warranty becoming void. 


We hope that you have found this post useful and that we have convinced you of the importance of maintaining and servicing your AC unit on a regular basis to keep it in optimal working condition and subsequently prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner to keep your home cool for years to come. 

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