5 Steps To Improving Acne-prone Skin

If you have acne-prone skin, then you’re probably tired of trying the next best thing that offers amazing results. And that’s totally fine. However, when it comes to improving acne-prone skin, it’s more about routine, lifestyle habits, and patience, together with using quality products. So if you’re looking to invest some effort to improve your skin, then here are some useful steps and tips that will immensely help you along the way. 

1. Make sure you’re healthy 

Your physical health can also reflect on your skin. Hormonal imbalance, as well as diseases such as polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) can cause acne. Therefore, if your acne won’t go away despite all the efforts, be sure to talk to your physician in order to eliminate possible underlying health issues. This is crucial because it can actually save your life, so before you move on to anti-acne treatments, be sure to do a general health checkup first. 

2. Talk to a dermatologist 

If there are no health issues that cause acne, yet they won’t disappear, it’s time to consult a reliable dermatologist. There are medications that specifically target acne, together with specialized creams and other products that could only be described by a certified medical professional. However, finding a reputable dermatologist might be tricky, so feel free to ask for recommendations from people who live near you, and also, read the reviews from other patients before you make an appointment. 

3. Create a healthy routine that works for you 

A healthy skin care routine is a must if you want to eliminate acne and gain a glowy complexion. But, not all products were created equal, so rather than using anything that seems promising, be sure to do in-depth research and find products that are aimed at your skin type. Additionally, you can use some tools and tips that can minimize the appearance of pores and clear the face from germs, sweat, and grit. One of such treatments and tips is a hot towel for acne, however, it’s important to regularly wash your towel, so it won’t transfer bacteria to your face. You can modify your routine to suit your lifestyle, but it’s important to do it consistently as that is the best way to see results. After distinguishing your skin type try to opt for products that contain natural ingredients. The ingredients which are known to help with acne breakouts are tea tree oil, aloe vera, vitamin C, etc. Goat milk also has an antibacterial effect, which reduces the possibility of acne. You can use both goat milk soap and nourishing cream from goat milk for better effect. 

4. Don’t touch your face (often) 

Touching your face might be tempting, but it won’t actually help your skin. Your hands and fingertips are home to many germs, so touching your face can only make matters worse. That’s why it’s important to refrain from excessively touching your face. In case you love popping pimples, then you should stop that because it can lead to scarring and blemishes if done incorrectly. If you really must do it, then be sure to sanitize your hands before, and preferably use a cotton pad or q-tips to prevent potential infection. 

5. Accept yourself 

This might sound like something you’ve heard before so many times, but the truth is, you can’t go forward if you don’t accept the way you are now. There are many skin positivity online spaces that offer support and encouragement to anyone who’s struggling with acne, so feel free to check them out in order to feel validated and seen. Of course, you can continue looking for the best products and treatments all the time, but only when you accept yourself, you’ll be able to see progress, because your perspective will change in a positive direction. 


These steps are a good place to get started if you want to improve your acne-prone skin. Keep in mind that eating the right diet, changing pillowcases regularly, and exercising is also important if you want to have clear and glowy skin. Also, accepting yourself and treating your skin with gentleness and care will help you feel more motivated when it comes to skincare and living a healthy and fulfilled life. 

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