5 Things Every Home Owner Wishes They Knew Before Starting a Home Renovation

Binge-watching a season of Property Brothers on a fine summer weekend can feel like a breeze, but do you know what is far from a breeze? When you get too inspired by the show and decide to renovate your house.

Think again about whether you think it’s a fun little project with your partner or something you can take on because you took that one woodworks class during high school.

Every task can be daunting, from fixing up the patio a bit to make it seem cozier and more welcoming to transforming the basement into a home office. No matter how big or small the project is. If your home is pretty old, it will be an even bigger hassle.

 So, what should be done?

Though it is recommended, you hire a contractor and let them do the technical part while focusing on aesthetics.

But if you’re so adamant about taking up the role of a builder, painter, and designer all at once, then this article can be the perfect guide for you. Here are a few things that you must know before starting the renovation process.

Remodel vs Renovate

Though assuming that you already know the difference between the two, hence you’re here, let’s discuss them. Renovation and remodeling are two different processes, but these terms are often used interchangeably.

Renovation is restoring something, like a house, to improve its state. It is more like repairing. Renovation can be a tedious process as you might have to shift everything from the current property to another place like a storage unit. No need to worry; it is not that difficult to find one. Just google, and you will find many good storage houses near you. For instance, if you live in Lawrence, Kansas, Google storage units Lawrence, you will get several search results. Go through their websites and see which fulfills your need. Storage space would take care of your stuff while you rebuild your home.

Remodeling refers to altering the look or structure of the house. Costs for remodeling and renovation can vary and depend on the project’s duration and size.

1. How much will the renovation cost?

Before you even start thinking of renovating, see if you have a budget to afford a renovation. Depending on what adjustments you need to your existing home or the one you’re about to buy, the renovation budget can vary for everyone. However, it is better to get a rough estimate on how much the raw materials and supplies would cost or if you need extra labor. Knowing an estimate would also help you understand whether buying a new house would cost less than renovating the current one. You want to go with what’s cost-effective.

2. Don’t shy away from asking for help

We know you’re proud of your design and architectural skills, but it wouldn’t hurt to seek guidance from someone who knows a thing or two about renovation, like a builder, architect, or perhaps an interior designer. These professionals will help you understand the existing structure of the property and decide whether your project is feasible or not.

3. Be prepared for the mess coming ahead

This preparation involves planning a budget and deciding a timeline before starting the renovation process. It will be a lengthy process, and it isn’t like you’ll dig a hole today, and your pool will be done tomorrow. Renovation takes time, and it is better to be patient than move with haste and mess up everything.

4. Start with the kitchen

If you’re planning to renovate the entire house, you should start with the kitchen. Remodeling or renovating the kitchen will add value to the house if you plan to sell the renovated property later. If not, keep in mind that renovating the kitchen would create more chaos than any other project; perhaps, there’s electricity, plumbing, and design stuff. You don’t want the debris from the kitchen renovation to mess up with the freshly painted walls in the living area.

5. Embrace yourself for the unexpected

No matter how excited and positive you are about the home renovation, be prepared to come across anything that might turn your renovation dreams and mood upside down.

It doesn’t matter if your house looked fine from the outside. If you took apart the insulation and found mold everywhere, don’t worry. Things like these are bound to happen.

And most likely, they can be fixed. Like if you noticed that your hardwood floors look a bit jolty, maybe the home inspector did a poor job. But, things like these can be fixed or at least improved, so be sure to keep yourself, your time, and your budget open.


Fixing up your current home to match with the one on your Pinterest board can be a fun and challenging process. It doesn’t have to be stressful, though, so take your time planning, meeting up with many contractors, doing your research, and coming up with a budget. Don’t rush into demolishing something or buying a hefty-priced decorative item if you’re unsure what you want. Plan everything thoroughly and then begin the renovation.

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