5 Things to Check Before Booking a Hotel in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beachside city with a charm all of its own, epitomizing Southern California’s coastal appeal. It is home to the iconic Santa Monica Pier, the Hippodrome, and other attractions.

A trip to this holiday destination is not a one-day affair. From soaking up some sun on the 3.5 miles beach to enjoying a leisurely walk around Third Promenade Street, you need to plan a pleasant stay of at least three days in the city to enjoy its outdoors. Leading hotels like Oceana Santa Monica are mere steps away from the Pacific Ocean’s beach, offering incredible sophistication. Here are five aspects you should check before booking a bespoke hotel in Santa Monica.

Ideal Location

Neighborhoods like Ocean Avenue, Main Street, Pico Boulevard, Montana Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard present some of the top hotels in the Californian beach city.

Go for a hotel that’s centrally located and in a safe neighborhood. Reputable hotels provide a brief snippet of their location; it will help you confirm that you are close to all the places you wish to visit in Santa Monica.

First-class Amenities

The amenities a hotel offers exemplifies the level of luxury you can experience during your stay in their suites. Luxury hotels, like Oceana Santa Monica, present amenities, such as intimate restaurants, spa services, peloton equipment and airport transfers.

For a beach city like Santa Monica, ensure the hotel provides beach cruisers and vehicle service for local excursions. Such lavish facilities make your stay in the hotel awe-inspiring and allow you to enjoy the city’s offerings in the most refined way.

In-room Extravagance

Santa Monica presents renowned suites-only boutique hotels with outstanding room facilities. They provide a well-thought selection of indulgences, such as minibars, smart lighting and TV, premium toiletries, in-room library and morning beverage services.

Ensure the suite facilities allow you to have a relaxed time in Santa Monica, which is the best way to enjoy the laid-back beach vibes the city presents. The facilities should get you refreshed, whether to enjoy the Palisades Park’s stunning view or take a dip in the Santa Monica State Beach.

Splendid Gateway to Enjoy Santa Monica’s Recreational Offerings

Santa Monica’s top luxury hotels offer surf lessons, well-planned local excursions, private boat trips and guided hikes.

While staying in a plush hotel will allow you to enjoy your breaks from outdoor jaunts, you need suitable modes to explore thecity hassle-free when outside. Check if the hotel offers custom-made facilities to help you visit all possible places within your schedule, from the Original Muscle Beach to Tongva Park.

Best Cuisine

The seaside positioning has a significant influence on Santa Monica’s cuisine, and the menu is the perfect essence of Southern California food style.

Check the restaurants in the hotel premises, the flavors and cuisine they offer; ensure there is a local touch to every dish they serve, pleasing to your palate.

Santa Monica is the 9th best place to visit in California; over 7 million tourists visit the beach city every year. With close to 300 sunny days, the beaches offer the best sunsets on the West Coast.

If you have plans to tour Santa Monica, engage the right consultants and book a posh hotel that offers real value for your money. Rest assured, this will be a holiday to remember for years to come.

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