5 Things To Know About Septic Tank Repair

Did you know that in London, the cockney rhyming slang for an American (or Yank as many Brits say referring to all Americans) is “septic tank!” It’s all in good humor though from our friends across the pond!

But let’s get serious, if you have a septic tank, like many of us do, then it’s good to learn about septic tank repair and maintenance. In this quick guide, we’ll run you through some of the things you need to do to prevent the need to repair your septic tank. Then, if you need septic tank repair, we’ll suggest what to do.

Septic Pumping

It’s important that at least every three years, or less, you should call in a septic tank professional to inspect and then pump your tank. You could leave it for longer, but you risk the solids in the tank building up.

If you never get your tank pumped, then the solids will continue to fill up the tank and start moving up the pipes. At some point, the solids will manifest a clog, and drain water will back up into your home.

Make Efficient Use of Your Water

The more efficient your water use in the home is, the better it is for your septic tank. When your tank has to deal with lots of water, there is a risk it could fail.

To use water more efficiently, make sure to check all your pipes and drains for leaks. Also, try to research water use reduction tactics in the home to lessen the strain on your septic tank.

Dispose of Your Waste the Right Way

Whether you grind waste through your garbage disposal, flush it down your toilet, or pour it into your sink, it’s all going to end up in your septic tank. So, be wary of what you put down your drain.

You should not be putting any trash into your drainage. If you do, you’ll start building up solids, as we mentioned before, and it doesn’t end well. And while you may need septic tank cleaning from time to time, it can cost a lot if you need it on the regular.

Keep Your Drain Field Well Maintained

It’s super important that obstructions to the drain field that works with your septic tank are kept at bay. This component is a contaminant remover and plays a vital role.

Thus, try not to drive over or park on the drain field. Furthermore, keep trees a fair distance away so the roots don’t affect them.

Find Professional Septic Tank Repair Services

If you want to keep your septic tank in good working order, find a reliable professional septic tank service that you can call upon. They will carry out your septic system maintenance needs.

We recommend patrickesperseptic.com for reliable services in the Livingston County area.

Take Care of Your Septic Tank

If you neglect to take care of your septic tank, it’ll cost you more money than you bargained for in the long run. Better to find a reliable septic tank repair service and keep on top of the maintenance side of things.

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