5 Things to Try Out When in Zermatt 

Zermatt is one of those must-see places. If it isn’t on your bucket list, then it’s time to add it. Right at the foot of the highest mountains in the Alpine mountain range, you will find this treasure. Once you do, you can stay at Hotel Zermatt Albana Real. You will soon realize that just a single trip isn’t enough to experience all the attractions. Here are some of the things you can do in Zermatt.

Take a ski holiday

One of the treasure activities you can do in Zermatt is ski. Even in the heat of summer, you can ski in the Breithorn plateau. That’s because there are low temperatures in high altitudes, and you can enjoy the magical glaciers.

If you want a more daring ski experience, you can have a mountain guide take you through the terrains. That way, you won’t risk getting lost and still have the time of your life. You can also hike the mountains if you are a professional mountaineer. From Breithorn to Matterhorn, this will be the mountain journey of a lifetime.

Visit the “old Zermatt village.”

Have you ever been to an open-air museum where you can experience what life is like in a historical place? Well, if not, here’s your chance. Zermatt village has a history of its own that makes it what it is today.

The old village has over 30 Walser houses that remind visitors of what life in the past was like. The people are friendly and love retelling the stories of the past to anyone who lends an ear. You will also love strolling in Zermatt’s car-free lanes in the evenings.

Visit the Zermatlantis Matterhorn Museum

If you have any questions about the mountain, then this visit will put them to rest. Arranged like an Alpine village, the Zermatlantis museum contains galleries filled with tales of the past. Interestingly, there are 14 buildings built in an underground space. This visit will rouse both trepidation and wonder in any visitor.

Experience the wonder of Gorner Gorge

It takes a mere 15 minutes to walk from Zermatt to this destination. This incredible landform descends rather than rising, and you can access it on foot. And the wooden footbridges offer a million-dollar view of the ravine and the crystalline waters.

The ravine comes from the Gornervispe glacial river slicing through a serpentine rock, hence the name. If you visit in September, you may be able to witness a strange but magical natural phenomenon that makes this gorge a must-visit place. A unique light gives the water a mesmerizing turquoise glow around 15:00 to 16:00, which only happens on days in September.

Take a spa day

Everyone needs a day of pampering after a week of skiing, hiking, visiting, among other activities. Fortunately for you, there are top-notch hotels in Zermatt offering wellness and spa facilities. For instance, Hotel Zermatt Albana Real offers a relaxing spa session. You can also enjoy the saunas, steam baths, and other amenities. The hotel also has restaurants with amazingly delicious Asian cuisines that you’ll love.

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