5 Tips Every Man Needs To Own When It Comes To Style

Have you ever experienced a situation when you have a hard time choosing the best look? Maybe because you saw person A wearing that particular thing one way but then saw person B wearing it differently? It is high time you realize not all apparel fits everyone equally. Something that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the other. So how to figure out which style will compliment you the most? 

This article will answer all those queries that give you heebie-jeebies when adopting a particular style. With that said, let’s explore the top five tips every man must adopt.

Steal the show with hand accessories

The fact that women prefer accessories more does not mean that men cannot wear them. The reality is, that a man’s dress is incomplete without a certain number of accessories. A wristwatch is the best friend of every classy man. It can spice up any look, formal or informal, and make you look rugged and responsible. To give it more style, you can pair it up with a Caviar or chain bracelet. 

However, if you’re going for a more casual look, get one of those beaded bracelets or pearl bracelets that add a touch of fun to the class. Perfect colors for men are all shades of dark grey, brown, and black. Today, handcuffs, pocket squares, and lapel pins are all the rage when it comes to formal dressing. To step up your dressing game this season, try to add Badass Jewelry’s extraordinary collection of men’s stainless steel bracelets to your dressing and steal the show!

Always pick quality over quantity

Quality is the first and most crucial element to consider when it comes to styling. The fact that ‘quality lasts longer than price’ puts a deep emphasis on what you purchase rather than how much you spend. 

Of course, a one-time investment in three comfortable and durable pairs of jeans is far better than purchasing cheap jeans every month. It may be true that price reflects status, but quality reflects class, and class is what builds your level! 

Use contrast to draw attention

You can enhance the look of your outfit by matching your apparel with contrasting colors. Summer calls for dark bottoms with pastel tops, while winter calls for warm and dark ensembles. 

Try something different this season. Change your wardrobe from black and white to neutral or dark colors. In the winter, a dark beanie can go well with your outfit, while in the summer, P-caps that match your outfit are perfect. 

Pay attention to your shoes and belts as well. However, don’t waste a fortune on new clothes; buy smart. A black or brown buckled belt goes with nearly every outfit. 

Pro styling tip: For a killer look, keep the color of your belt and shoes similar.

Change your game with your footwear

Different personality studies have proven that the first thing people notice in others is their feet. Shoes are an essential part of a person’s wardrobe, as they represent their whole sense of style. 

While black and white complement the majority of your outfits, remember that these are not the only two colors out there. If you want to show style, invest in style. If you’re really up for some suitable investments in your wardrobe, use contrast to your advantage. When you repeatedly wear the same colors, you are showing a lack of effort in your style and will likely come across as an unattractive person who does not care for themselves. 

It is important to note that gym shoes cannot substitute casual footwear! In the fashion world, that’s a big NO-NO.

Show it off with leather

Be it 1921 or 2021, leather never goes out of style. Those who wear their leather right define the epitome of regal. Wearing it gives off a rugged manly vibe combined with a sense of maturity. When choosing menswear in colder seasons, do not forget to include a combination of rusted leather bags, shoes, and belts. 

Leather bags come in various styles, from messenger bags to briefcases, fanny packs, and backpacks. These are also available in a variety of colors, though tan and wood appear to be more popular. However, avoid some common mistakes men make while carrying a bag, and you’ll be good to go. 

The faux leather laptop bags are another good option for office-going men who don’t like carrying other types of bags. Lastly, leather wallets will make the perfect add-on accessory. As a wallet is an essential part of any man’s style, leather wallets, with their rustic touch, will add the much-needed male swagger to your look.

Final Thoughts 

There is no doubt that everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Every time we enter somewhere, we want people to turn their heads in our direction. Dressing in style perks up confidence levels that make you stand out. The above-mentioned styling tips will not only make you the most stylish guy in the room but will also make you the most noticeable person there. So, try to incorporate as many of these tips as you can in your attire, and you’ll be a hit!

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