5 Unusual Things a Blood Test Can Reveal About Your Health

Does anyone enjoy getting a blood test? The big needles are scary, and the smile from the nurse when they jab you is unsettling. But it’s a task that you have to get done.

While it’s likely that your doctor scheduled one for a specific reason, a blood test can actually tell you a lot about yourself. That’s because there are between 1000 and 2000 measurable proteins in our blood. Here’s what you can find out about your health and wellbeing.

  1. How Old You Really Are

Your biological age signifies how old your internal organs and body are compared to others in your chronological age group. It can tell you whether you need to make some changes like quit smoking, lose weight, or increase your exercise in order to feel younger internally.

  1. If You’re Eating the Right Foods

Your blood can rat you out if you’re eating the wrong types of food. Some promote an overgrowth of bacteria that damages your digestive system. Other foods can even impact your immune system.

An alt blood test and fatty acid analysis will tell you what types of food and drink you can tolerate. It will also tell you what you shouldn’t reach for if you see it on a table.

  1. If You’re Expecting

A pregnancy blood test is often the quickest way to discover if you’re expecting. They are able to tell six to eight days after you ovulate.

The doctor will either measure the exact amount of hCG in your blood or look for the pregnancy hormone. However, searching for the hormone is often as accurate as the test you can get from a pharmacy.

  1. A Blood Test Can Assess Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

Blood tests are known to determine if you’re likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. It’s even able to give you up to ten years’ notice. Research is continuing to gain more accurate insights, but the results could lead to early intervention and effective treatments that start before there are any physical symptoms.

  1. How Many Colds You’ve Had

Your blood is the ultimate medical records system. It’s able to give your doctor all of your medical history, including every time you’ve been sick with a cold or had a virus in your system. It saves you having to remember it all.

They’re able to gather this information thanks to the antibodies in your system. These are the same antibodies that helped fend off the cold and viruses. They stick around in your blood until they’re needed to fight off the next flu or update your physician on your condition.

Want to Take Control of Your Health?

Even if you’re afraid of needles, it’s important to get yourself a blood test. It can tell you a lot about yourself and help get you on a healthy path.

If you’re after new ideas on how to stay fit, then you should follow our blog. We offer plenty of tips, strategies, and even recipes that can keep you and your blood happy and healthy.

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