5 Ways to Choose The Best Painters In Sydney

Sydney is home to more than 1.8 million residences, which includes houses, apartments, and flats. It represents Australia’s real estate market as New South Wales’s capital city and the nation’s largest capital city. In 2019, the residential and construction work market was worth over AUD76 billion, according to Statista. Sydney makes up a large percentage of this figure as the largest city Down Under.  

If you need your residential or commercial building or a room painted, you have several options like painting in Sydney by paint bros & co. When considering different professional painters, here are some of the main factors to consider:


When selecting a painting company, it’s crucial to select one with lots of experience in the region, such as metro Sydney. This can help to provide the best results whether you’re painting a home exterior or office interior.

A more experienced company can provide a better experience during steps from prep work to the final coat. As when selecting other service-focused companies, your final results and customer service will be better when you pick highly-experienced companies versus startups.


This is one of the most important phases of painting tasks. It’s important that companies complete jobs like pressure washing the building’s exterior, covering furniture and floors in the interior, and vacuuming/sanding painting surfaces. These preparation tasks are critical to getting the best painting results while protecting your home or workplace.

This process can also involve carpentry work like fixing damaged fascia boards or window frames. This preparation work will take extra time but also help to ensure the finished work is done properly. It can also make the painting smoother. 


The old saying “time is money” is still true today. Various studies show that today Australians have a low tolerance for poor customer service.

It’s critical for today’s professional painters to maintain professionalism through methods like following schedules. While there’s always a chance, there might be delays, and these should be rare exceptions. It’s also important for companies to inform their clients as soon as possible about such delays.

While tardiness can affect home and business owners’ daily schedule, it can also cause the painting to take longer. That can be an issue when a company’s operations have been temporarily stopped due to the paint job. 


When having the exterior or interior of a residential or commercial building painted, it’s important for the process to be as least disruptive as possible. While having these areas painted is important, it’s just as important for your day-to-day work or home life to continue as normally as possible.

A quality painting company will help make sure a goal is maintained. This might help to prevent your family from checking into a hotel or your employees missing work. 


It’s also important for a painting company to stay under cost estimates when completing their tasks. This is critical whether you’re remodeling your dream home or painting a new warehouse. In such situations staying under budget is part of providing quality customer service.

Besides the actual cost estimate, you should consider the overall value a painting company provides. For example, it’s critical for the company to provide good value for the cost estimate it provides.  

When selecting professional painters like painting in Sydney by paint bros & co. make sure to consider issues like experience, punctuality, and results. This can help to provide the best results for your house or warehouse.

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