5 Ways To Deal With Tree Stumps In Your Yard

Tree stumps pose big risks to people’s safety and property damage. Ignoring them may lead to tripping and toe-stubbing, especially for children. In addition, their continuous root growth may damage pavement and other building portions. Overgrown roots can also be a breeding ground for pests and insects.  

Suppose you’re troubled by many tree stumps in your yard. In that case, you must find a reliable way to deal with them. This way, your property will be free from stumps that can injure you and your loved ones and start wide-ranging damage within your yard. For that purpose, here’s a feature to guide you. Read on. 

1. Hire A Pro 

Tree stump removal can be a challenging task. If you have no background in getting rid of this trouble, consider hiring a professional tree stump remover. Visit S&B Trees and similar companies for more ideas. Since you may have many options to choose from, consider the length of experience of the pro. You may check the pro’s website or reviews for his past services. 

In addition, you must consider the tools and materials the removers are using. Choose the one with organic chemicals as they’re better at dealing with the other plants in the surroundings. Think about the quality and effectiveness of the tree stump removal tools. Apart from this, select the pro who can deliver their service on time and with the right budget. 

2. Dig It Out 

If your budget is enough to hire a professional, consider digging out the entire stump. For this purpose, you need to prepare the ground where it’s situated. You need to estimate the width and depth of the stump too. For this purpose, check the stump’s tree rings or type. You can ask for the help of seasoned tree growers who’ve already worked in backyard landscaping.

You may start by chipping out the side portions when digging the stump out of the ground. You can use hatchets and pruning shears to remove the stump’s part or two. Plus, you can utilize a woodchipper, a chainsaw, or an ordinary saw to thin out the stumps. Then, you can use a crowbar and shovel to remove the soil surrounding the stump. Pull out a hook and wedge to pull the root from the ground.  

3. Use Chemicals 

If you use chemicals, start working with your safety gear and clothes on. Then, you can bore holes in any section of the stump. Go as deep as possible, so the holes have enough space for the chemicals. You may choose among the following ingredients to saturate the stumps: 

  • Potassium Nitrate 

Also known as saltpeter, this chemical quickens wood decomposition. Thus, it breaks down the stump as fast as possible.   

  • Nitrogen-High Fertilizer 

Similar to potassium nitrate, nitrogen-high fertilizer speeds up decomposition. In its case, nitrogen-high fertilizer feeds the fungi and bacteria that hasten the decay. 

  • Stump Remover Granules 

These pellet-like chemicals are ready-to-use granules to be put into the drill holes. 

After pouring or putting the chemicals into the holes, cover them with mulch. This will ensure the chemicals will saturate the stump and reach its core. Next, cover the stumps with a tarp or plastic bags. Let them be covered for four to six weeks until the wearing shows. 

4. Burn The Stump 

Before you burn up the stumps, you must prepare the appropriate tools and materials. These include but aren’t limited to matches, funnel, kerosene or gasoline, and trowel. Remove these chemicals from your list if you’re worried that kerosene or gasoline may affect the soil or the nearby plants and structure. You can start the stump burning by smoldering a portion of it.  

You may use a match to begin a tinder or kindling. From this, you can blow the smoldering portions until they turn into charcoal and start to build a fire. Take time to wait until the fire has engulfed all the stump. Dig out the remaining parts of the stumps when the existing portions have already cooled down from the fire. Then, proceed to set the other stumps ablaze. 

5. Grind It 

You can rent a gas-powered grinder if you have allotted more than USD$100 budget for the stump removal. Nonetheless, the grinder owner leaves the grinder for you to use in most cases. Before you choose the grinder, consider the width and size of the cutting wheel. In addition, you should check the hydraulic lever as this raises the machine. 

Before you use the machine, remove the rocks and other obstacles with a mattock or a shovel. Then, gradually chip the stump from the side toward the center. Ensure you can grind the stump up to 6 inches below the ground to avoid regrowth. 

Wrapping Up 

Stump removal is one of the tiring tasks to do in clearing one’s yard. Fortunately, homeowners can use various tools, chemicals, and techniques to eliminate unwanted tree portions. While these options are all effective, choose the one appropriate to the type of tree, the area to be cleared, and the availability of budget and tools.

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