5 Ways to Make Your Window Air Conditioner Last Longer

Think your window air conditioner is starting to fail in efficiency and quality?

Window air conditioners are great for smaller rooms, but they can be a problem if you don’t treat them well. If well-treated, your AC unit can become longer-lasting, reliable, and function effectively.

Here we give you five ways to make your window AC system last longer. 

1. Keep Your AC System Clear and Clean

There are many window air conditioners that get covered by vegetation and objects. This makes it more challenging for an AC to work, increasing the chance of a breakdown. Consider these tips for keeping your AC unit clear and clean:

  • Don’t put any objects on top
  • Trim shrubs and trees near your AC
  • Call an expert when dirt goes in your AC system

Bear in mind that your AC system will last longer depending on how you keep it clean. 

2. Regular Replacement of the Filter

An AC filter can easily catch dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This blocks quality air from flowing into your home. Leaving a filthy AC filter alone usually causes the cooling unit to:

  • Run harder
  • Lose effectiveness
  • Undergo undesirable wear and tear

Householders who use low-priced changeable HVAC filters should replace their filters every month. Check your unit manual to identify the suggested filter kind and replacement rhythm. 

3. Get an AC Tune-Up Yearly

Regular window AC tune-ups help your unit last longer, drop the energy costs, and lower the risk of breakdown. When selecting an air conditioner repair company, we propose employing a well-known business. A company with more experienced technicians should provide quality services and outcomes.

It’s clever to form a relationship with a committed HVAC firm to solve and answer any issues. Consider having your AC checked out and repaired. Check out https://larsenheatingandair.com/services/air-conditioning-repair/ for quality AC repairs.

4. Clear Air Vents For Adequate Airflow

Several householders lower the efficacy of their HVAC unit by obstructing air vents. It might exhaust the window air conditioner and prevent it from working longer than it should be. Check if the furniture, curtains, and other things are blocking your house’s ducts.

Blocking one vent can offset your whole cooling unit. When your air vents have plates or valves controlling the airflow, have them completely open.

Professional AC maintenance must accommodate to check airflow. Proficient HVAC contractors have tools to regulate airflow and diagnose air tension issues. If no proper airflow comes out from your AC, it may be time to replace your window air conditioner.

5. Learn How to Program Your Thermostat

Start by programming your thermostat to 7-10 Fahrenheit colder if you’re out of the house. It will relieve your window air conditioner, and you can save up to 10% on your electricity bills. When you’re unsure how to program your thermostat, ask an expert to help you and know it all during your unit tune-up.

Use These Window Air Conditioner Tips

These tips can assist you in increasing the lifetime of your window system. Be sure to perform regular maintenance, from changing your filters to cleaning the components. At best, you should do these tips before the climate warms up, so you aren’t held to doing fixes with no air conditioning. 

Want to learn more about your window air conditioner? For more information, check out our blogs.

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