6 Reasons Why Nurses Switch To a Nurse Staffing Agency in Covington

With the nursing shortage that our country is suffering right now, there is a big need for nurses all around the United States, and these nurses have become such a vital role in almost every healthcare facility. Working with a nurse staffing agency would be able to open your door to so many more opportunities that you would not have otherwise gotten. When you know more about the nurse staffing agency in Covington, then these opportunities could be handed to you. Here are 6 reasons why nurses switch to a nurse staffing agency in Covington.

What Are The Pros of Getting Help From the Nurse Staffing Agency in Covington, LA?

  1. Endless learning 

You are going to be given all of these opportunities to learn since you are going to be put in all of these different work settings and be exposed to all of these different patients. This would help you enhance your clinical skills and your knowledge, effectively giving you the learning opportunity that no college can ever give you.

You would also get these valuable resources for your career advancement. This is amazing if you are a career-oriented person. Since you get all of these possible contracts and choices, then you would be able to explore different specialties as well.

  1. Traveling

Nurses who are working with a travel nursing agency have the advantage of getting to travel for their jobs since nurse staffing agencies could offer contracts from all of these different healthcare facilities from different states. As a nurse, you get to choose where and what kind of assignments you get to accept. They are going to be working hand-in-hand with you, figure out your career goals, and try to make it happen.

  1. Flexibility

The flexibility of your work is something that is a great benefit of being a nurse for a nurse staffing agency. You would be able to choose the hours that you would want to work, and instead of having to adjust your personal activities around your work hours, you get to do it the other way around. This means that you would not have to work long hours, pull in night shifts, take double shifts, and be forced to work on the holidays and on the weekends.

As an agency nurse, you are usually going to have to work about 37.5 hours a week, so you would have a great work-life balance. You would also be able to concentrate on your family and be a parent. Or concentrate on your hobbies since you have all this time.

Since you have this flexibility, then you could also work more if you want to, so in case you have no plans for the weekends or during the holidays, you would freely be able to pick up a shift at a health facility and get paid.

  1. Better pay and better benefits

Compared to traditional nurses, you would get better pay as an agency nurse because a lot of the agencies follow the NHS brand salary. So they would depend on your experience, the kind of education that you have had, and your specialization.

Working with an agency also has these different benefits. You get to have a paid holiday, accommodation, training, comprehensive, and a pension scheme. You could also get a refund for your visa if you are a nurse from overseas. They may even cover your flight once a year.

Since you get to work on the holidays, pick up night shifts, and choose to work on the weekends, you would be able to earn more compared to traditional nurses. And the cost of living also affects your salary, so if you are working in a state where the cost of living is higher, then you could also get paid higher.

  1. Career advancements

Recently, there has been a great advantage of being a part of a nursing agency in a way that it is now being really directly associated with career advancement because the nursing field has a lot of these specialties. When you are working with an agency, you would have the freedom to explore these different nursing specialties, and eventually, pick the specialty that you may want to concentrate on.

When you are a specialty nurse, that means you are well trained and have a ton of experience in treating specific patients with specific diseases, and they would know that you are qualified for the specific job that you want to work on. Other specialties are dialysis, adult nurses, pediatric, and so much more.

When you have this career advancement, it would lead to better pay, and more job opportunities.

  1. Job satisfaction

Being a nurse in itself is already a very rewarding job since you get to help people and see them recover. Find their footing back. Imagine being able to do it more since you get to pick your schedule, choose your own contract, and be not only physical support but emotional support to your patients as well.

Facts About Nurse Staffing Agency in Covington

Nurse staffing agencies are there to bring nurses to hospitals, clinics, and health facilities that need more nursing staff. They would be able to offer nurses both permanent and temporary nursing contracts for nurses who want to have their options open and they could give them this perfect chance to explore the nursing world. Nurse staffing agencies not only help all of these healthcare facilities with their staffing needs, but they would be able to give more opportunities to nurses who do not want to be permanently staffed.

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