6 Tips to Increase Conversions with Digital Signage

Digital displays can be an excellent way to increase conversions and gain new customers. This article will cover a few tips that you should know to use digital signage for your business successfully. To learn more about digital signage, you may also have a look at https://kitcast.tv/how-it-works/digital-signage-for-apple-tv/.

1. Use a professional design

While you may be tempted to make your digital 3d signage, it is best if the looks of your screens are done by a professional. You don’t want people seeing unprofessional images and words that look like they were made in Microsoft Paint or Word. It just doesn’t create confidence for what’s on the other side and doesn’t look professional either.

2. Give the screens a schedule

Digital signage screens don’t need to be on 24/. If you can give them a set time when they will be turned off each night, that is even better! This lets your employees know when they should shut down their computers and makes it easier for others in the building with shift changes. Just make sure everyone knows what times work best, so there aren’t any issues day-to-day with shutting them down or turning them back on.

3. Make sure that it’s accessible

The content on your digital screens should be easy to find and read. Think about the location of where people would stop and look at them, such as a waiting area or reception desk. Make sure they can easily see all areas of the screen. It also helps with different displays, so people don’t get bored looking at one type all day. Click here for Las Vegas digital screen rental.

4. Make sure it’s easy to understand

When your employees change the content on the screens, they should know precisely what is going into each one. If some different departments or brands are represented, then make sure everyone knows which screen goes where. You can also make a numbering system for each display, so you don’t accidentally switch two signs around.

5. Don’t forget the audio!

Adding audio to digital screens is a great way to provide information without having to read it. For example, if you have employees that don’t speak English very well, then this can be helpful as they can hear what’s on screen. You could also use it for safety videos or company updates about changes in benefits and events.

Digital signage helps increase conversions by keeping your brand consistent across all media while providing applicable content at just the right time. This is important for the sustainable growth of a business. Visit a sign company in Calgary.

6. Make sure you can change the content easily

This will help ensure things are changed on time, and no one gets confused trying to make updates, and the changes don’t create any mess in the preset criteria and specifications.


Digital signage can be a great way to help your business increase conversions. To ensure seamless integration and professional installation of your digital signage, consider partnering with a reputable sign company like National Signs. They can provide expert fabrication and installation services to make your digital screens visually appealing and effective in conveying your message to your audience. If you follow the tips above, you should have no problem making it work for what you need, and you can be relaxed about how significantly the business will grow with the help of such signage solutions.

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