6 Unique Deal Toy Ideas

Only 14% of organizations offer their employees and managers the necessary rewards and recognition they deserve.

Deal toys are a fantastic way to show clients your appreciation and recognize your employees’ hard work, so everyone knows their value. If you’re a business owner and haven’t implemented this strategy, knowing your deal toy options is essential.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of business deal toys and see which option stands out to you!

  1. Play off the Code Name

Instead of choosing one of the typical company deals toys, you can play off the code name of the project you’re recognizing employees/clients for.

For example, a project with “tiger” as part of the code name can have a deal toy with a tiger to liven up the piece.

  1. Incorporate the Location

Whether a deal was closed locally or elsewhere, incorporating where events took place helps people remember the exact moment when an agreement was completed.

So if people flew out of state to have a meeting, adding the state outline into the design is a fun touch.

  1. Use an Inside Joke/Memory

Since there are countless types of deal toys, a unique option for your company is using an inside joke to design yours. For example, let’s say people on the project all ordered lunch from a hot dog stand while they worked on the project together.

Making the deal toy in the shape of a hot dog is something no one else will fully understand, but everyone else can relate to.

  1. Tie In Relevant Illustrations

If you’re awarding teachers, using typical illustrations like an apple, chalkboard, or school bus helps bring light to their position. Deal toys like this are easy for people to display at home or work.

Another example is creating one in the shape of a cup of coffee, a slice of pizza, or a donut for food and beverage recognition.

  1. Focus on Color

If color ties into the event somehow, focusing on adding that color into the deal toy helps make the occasion more memorable. 

For example, a class of graduating nurses might have their scrub color changing. You can make that color the focus to highlight their accomplishment and showcase their future.

  1. Make Light of a Difficulty

Not every road is a smooth one. If a project or accomplishment had some bumps along the way, recognizing them in the deal award helps showcase their strength to make it through.

A fun example is using a turtle to represent a deal that took forever.

Implement Deal Toys Into Your Business

No matter what your business does, employee recognition should be at the forefront. Using deal toys to recognize people, events, closed deals, and other significant accomplishments help keep employees happy.

Try using one of these seven unique ideas to keep giving deal toys that stand out and look great on a shelf!

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