7 Tips For Planning A Smooth Cross-Country Move

You dream of a new beginning in sunny Indiana. You can already hear the waves breaking on the beach and feel the warm sunshine shining down on your face. You can leave the cold winter behind and be where you want to be, what you need to be. It’s time for a fresh start.

It’s time to pack up and move! A new city, a new home, and new opportunities await. Moving across the country to a different state can seem like a mountain of a task. Packing your belongings into a truck and getting it to a new destination can be a stressful endeavor. However, with proper planning, moving cross-country is not as hard as it may seem. The following are some tips to help you plan a smooth move.

Storage space is necessary

If you are moving across the country, it’s best to have extra space to accommodate all your stuff. If your new home is too small to store all of your essentials, you’ll be living under a heap of unnecessary weight. Hence it may be a good idea to have a storage unit nearby.

Look up the internet for storage spaces that are available near your new home you’ll be moving to. It would be best to choose a self-storage place with excellent security and facilities. Google can help you out. Suppose you’re moving to Marion County, Indiana, from down south. Look up ‘Camby self storage‘ and lease extra space near your home. This way, you can store your extra belongings till you figure out what to do with them.

Determine the best time to move

Avoid the hottest and busiest weeks if you’re moving in the summer. You are just around the corner from hurricane season, which can cause a great deal of turmoil during relocation, especially if you are moving from the east coast to the west. Moving during this time will be tough on your family, and it can also create a bad situation for your belongings. Late summer is also not the best time to move.

To avoid the summer rush, consider moving in the spring or fall. Both are great times to move as traffic is lighter and you will have more options for packing. You will also have less chance of incurring weather-related damage to your belongings.

Be sure to book your move well ahead of time. The more time you give yourself, the more options you will have available. It would be wise to plan your relocation four to six months in advance. This way, you can ensure there will be a truck available for you and your belongings at the time of your move.

Prepare for the worst

Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan for your cross-country relocation, the likelihood of something going wrong is high. Unforeseen circumstances often arise. Several factors may affect your cross-country move, including weather or even an illness.

One unforeseen instance could be a strike by your moving company. If this happens, you could lose all of your belongings if you don’t prepare properly. You’ll need to prepare for the worst by ensuring you’re covered if anything happens.

Choose a reliable moving company

Choosing a reliable moving company is essential to ensure your belongings are safe. When selecting a moving company, it’s best to look for an experienced and professional company with an excellent reputation.

Consider how the moving company handles your specific relocation needs. Check if the company provides damage and loss coverage. It’s best to choose complete value protection for your belongings, as it can help protect you if something happens to your items.

Pack your belongings properly

When you decide to move across the country, you must prepare yourself. It is best to go through your things and put aside those items you don’t want to take with you. Once you have done this, it will be easier to pack your belongings and have fewer items to move.

Once you’ve sorted out what you’re taking into the moving truck, you can begin the packing phase. Since it may be difficult to move anything too large, try using proper packing and loading equipment. You should also label each box clearly so that the movers know where to take them.

Consider purchasing moving insurance

Although it is unlikely you will need it, purchasing additional coverage such as damage and loss insurance may be a good idea. This policy can help protect your belongings. But it’s essential to ensure you get the right coverage for your needs.

Before purchasing additional coverage, consider the types of items you will be moving and whether their value is high enough to warrant additional coverage. Remember, it’s best to get a quote from various companies to ensure you buy the best policy for your needs.

Explore your surroundings and meet the neighbors

When you arrive, don’t hesitate to explore your surroundings. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block, becoming familiar with your new surroundings can help make settling in more exciting. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the neighbors either. Chatting with people living in your area can help you feel more at home.


If you’re moving across the country, it can be a hard move to plan. It’s a huge change that will affect every part of your life/ But it will be easier if you take the time to prepare.

Plan and begin looking at moving companies. Once you’ve chosen a company that seems reliable, talk to them about your relocation needs and get all the information you need. Before your big cross-country move, remember to choose a moving company that is professional and well-equipped. Prepare yourself for the worst by putting aside items you do not want to take with you and packing your belongings. With enough planning, you’ll be able to move across the country with ease.

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