7 Ways to Ensure Workplace Safety

There were almost 50 million dollars in total worker’s compensation premiums paid out in 2019. This huge figure represents a failure in workplace safety practices. 

The importance of safety is not stressed enough in most workplaces. Setting up a proper safety awareness strategy should be one of your primary concerns as a leader within your organization.

Use the following 7 workplace safety tips to ensure the safety and health of your employees while they are at work.

  1. Codify Safety Standards

You need to provide a written set of safety standards that your employees can reference and adhere to. Make sure to provide this to them on their first day of work as a professional document.

Make sure to write safety standards in a clear, easy-to-understand format. This will allow your employees to understand what is expected of them.

It will also force them to take responsibility for their actions when it comes to their safety. Have your employees sign this safety standards document to make it legally binding.

  1. Provide an Open Forum for Discussions

When addressing issues of workplace safety it is important to have a strong employee-employer relationship with open channels of communication.

You need to have a way for employees to address safety concerns to their employers and one another.

Your employees need to feel able to do this while being free from retaliatory repercussions. Provide some sort of open forum for your employees to voice their safety concerns. 

  1. Have Workplace Safety Meetings

You should have a monthly safety meeting to check in with your employees and see how they feel about the safety of their work environment. Think of some great workplace safety topics for meetings to engage them. Visit whs compliance to get Workplace Safety Compliance Services.

  1. Mitigate Unsafe Conditions Fast

If a workplace safety concern has been identified, it is your duty as an employer to mitigate this as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to act when a workplace safety violation has been brought to your attention.

  1. Provide a Safety Net

Accidents happen even when you try your best to ensure workplace safety. Your employees need to know that you will take care of them in the event of an unexpected accident.

Give them access to the proper resources they need to initiate workman’s comp claims if they are eligible. This includes complying with workers compensation investigations if they occur.

  1. Document Lapses in Safety

If you want to create a culture of safety at your workplace you need to document safety incidents as they occur. You can look back on these workplace safety examples in the future as a learning experience for your organization.

  1. Create a Safety Culture

You need to foster the development of a culture of safety at your workplace. Your employees should feel that it is cool to be safe and should take pride in their safety practices.

Save Lives and Money

Accidents at the workplace can hurt or kill your employees. They can also be financially devastating to your organization. Workman’s comp claims are expensive and need to be paid out for the rest of your employee’s life.

The best way to avoid accidents is to maintain a strong culture of workplace safety. Craft yours today using the 7 tips in this article. For other great information about a variety of topics like this one, check out our website!

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