7 Ways to Increase Your Etsy Sales

As the owner of an Etsy store, it is not enough to have unique products. You have to put in extra effort to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Getting your products in front of the right customers is essential if you want to increase your Etsy sales. Here are some ways to do this. 

1. Keep listing new products

If you have fewer than 50 products in your store, listing more products can help to increase your sales. You can explore new market niches and give your existing customers a reason to come back to your store. 

If you want to know how to increase your sales on Etsy, working with a print-on-demand company gives you the option of printing products without having to carry inventory. Look at the bestsellers in your store and assess what makes them stand out so you can create more products of a similar nature. If you have at least 100 items in your store, you will quickly see what sells and what isn’t really worth your time. 

2. Use top-notch photos

Customers don’t read product descriptions unless they are already interested. You need to capture their attention with your visuals. Your photos should be shot in good lighting with minimal distractions so they are professional looking, crisp, and show your products at their best. Include shots from multiple angles if necessary. Showing your products in a lifestyle setting can also help customers see their worth. There is usually a learning curve for taking good photos and editing them, but it’s time well spent. 

3. Use Etsy SEO for better Etsy search engine ranking

The Etsy website is very SEO-oriented. There are various factors that influence your Etsy rankings – how well a product sells, how well your title and tags match a shopper’s search, and your reviews. An important strategy is to do comprehensive keyword research to find out what terms your customers use to search. Most of them search for a product using keywords. Using the autocomplete and category functions in Etsy can help you to find them. Aim for longer keywords that have less competition and that give you more chance of ranking highly. 

4. Niche down

Trying to sell a bit of everything will prevent you from standing out, and you will get lost in the crowd. It may be counterintuitive to try and reduce your customer pool but targeting a smaller group of people truly interested in your products can work for you. Be very specific about what you’re selling and who you want to buy your products. You don’t want your store to feel like a dollar store. Customers should feel you’re offering them a unique experience. 

5. Research current trends

Trends come and go, and it helps if you can stay on top of them, as this can bring you more views. A certain color, pattern, material, or texture may be what people look for most. Do your research and find keyword trends so you can incorporate them into your products. When people search using trending keywords, you want your products to show up in the search results. You shouldn’t create products and then look for people to buy them but rather create products that they are already actively searching for. 

6. Use social media platforms to drive traffic to Etsy

If you rely on Etsy alone for traffic to your store, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Pinterest is a visual platform that can generate traffic for your store. Many consumers buy products based on pins they see on Pinterest. Pinterest has invested resources in making the platform shopping friendly. Instagram and Facebook can help too. You can share specific listings and then link them directly to your Etsy store. If you have enough followers on these platforms, you can share behind-the-scenes videos and more to attract them to your store. 

7. Repost your listings

Etsy will give a boost to new listings. Refreshing your listings can be a good strategy to increase sales. Do this by updating the keywords in tags and descriptions. Refreshing them every three to four months keeps them in line with Etsy’s search algorithm. Don’t refresh them more than this, as you do pay for each refresh. 

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