9 Tips to Deter Burglars From Seeing Your Home as an Easy Target

In 2019 there were 6,925,677 property crimes across the United States.

Can you imagine what it’d feel like coming home and seeing your front door pried open? While it may sound like something from a horror movie, home burglaries happen all the time. If you want to protect your belongings and your loved ones, you have to know how to deter burglars, the right way.

To help you out we’ve created this guide with 9 powerful ways to keep criminals at bay. From cheap signage to outdoor lighting, there are all sorts of things you can do today to protect yourself.

Read on to learn how to scare away criminals for good.

  1. Beware of Dog Sign

Even if you don’t have a dog, you should buy a “beware of dog” sign for your front yard. Burglars don’t want to deal with angry dogs, which means they’ll be more likely to pass your house up.

You can take your security 1 step further by investing in a recording of a dog barking. The dog barking recording could play when your doorbell rings at night, or you could just have it set up to go off randomly.

  1. Plants to Deter Burglars

Next on our list of tips to deter burglars, we have crime repelling plants. A burglar’s main goal is to enter and exit your house as quickly as possible. If you have the right plants strategically placed throughout your yard, it’ll take too long for thieves to enter and exit your property.

A few great plant options include creeping juniper, shrub rose, and gooseberry. You can also look for plants that are prickly, thorny, and dense. Visit homesecuritysystems-wirelessalarms.com

  1. Keep Your Garage Closed

Keep your garage closed when you’re not outside to monitor it. Daytime burglaries happen all the time. If your garage door’s open a thief can just walk into your garage and take whatever they want. On top of stealing from your garage, thieves will also have discrete access to your home if your garage’s open.

At nighttime, it’s extra important to close your garage since would-be thieves will see an opened garage as an easy target. Finally, if you have a broken garage door that can be opened from the outside, get that fixed ASAP.

  1. Loud Alarm Systems

Do home alarms deter burglars? Yes, but only if you have the right kind. For instance, an alarm that simply notifies the police of criminal activity won’t be enough to scare away thieves.

Instead, you need an alarm that has loud, startling sirens that go off when someone’s breaking in. The louder the better. Next, consider getting a smart alarm that allows you to see your property in real-time.

We find front doorbell cameras are especially helpful for monitoring who’s coming and going. Finally, make sure your alarm is turned on when you go to bed, or leave your home. If it uses a battery, learn how to replace adt panel battery, so that your alarm will work when you need it most.

  1. Get a Security Gate or Fence

Moving on, you can also use fencing and gates to deter burglars. While any type of fence will create an obstacle for burglars, certain designs are more effective. For instance, a sliding gate is harder to push open than a swinging fence gate. However, whatever aluminium gates style you go with, make sure there’s some way for you to lock it.

The taller your fence the better, since low lying fences will be easy for burglars to jump over. In addition to your fence, you can also get a security gate for your front door. The security gate should secure into the brick of your home, rather than the door frame.

  1. Make It Look Like Your Home

Burglars love targeting homes that appear to be empty. For instance, recently there was a burglar in Miami who was targeting homes that had tents over them because they were under fumigation. If you’re homes getting treated for bugs, or you’re going on vacation, you have made it appear as if someone’s still monitoring the property.

One way to make it look like your home is to ask a neighbor to spend a few minutes each day, sitting in your front yard. Finally, if you are in the area, drive-by, and park your car in the driveway for 5-10 minutes throughout the day.

  1. Join Neighborhood Watch

Banding together with your developments neighborhood watch is a wonderful way to protect your home, as well as your neighbor’s houses. Working with local law enforcement, you and your safety-conscious team will be able to help reduce the opportunities for crime to take place. Make sure you’re placing neighborhood watch signs up in your development so criminals know you’re watching.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Next on our list of things that deter burglars, we have outdoor lighting. Burglars usually don’t want to break down a door if they know people can see them. Along with your front porch light, it’s also helpful to have lights throughout your front yard.

We find that motion-activated lights work the best. Instead of wasting energy by leaving your lights on all night long, motion-activated ones will only light up if a person or animal is in your yard.

  1. Keep Your Window Sills Slippery

Do you have a lot of ground-floor windows around your home? If yes, then you should consider making the outside of your window sills slippery to discourage burglars. You can use a product like WD40 to lube up your windows, making it tricky for burglars to get a grip.

Feel Safe at Home

When burglars break into your home, they steal more than things. They also steal your sense of well being, and safety. Thankfully, by following the steps in this article to deter burglars, you can avoid ever becoming a victim yourself. If you’ve already experienced a home burglary, you’ll rest easier at night knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself.

Go ahead and get a “beware of dog” sign today, and look into joining your neighborhood watch. For more ways to stay safe, check out the rest of this site.


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