9 Ways to Give a Makeover to the Blank Wall in Living Room

Do you want to bring life to your sizable empty wall in the living area? 

If yes, then the best way to do so is to cover it with wall decoration pieces. Whether it is about style, space, or budget, oversized wall canvas is a great option to update the decor of any type of area. So when getting a trending wall decor piece like this to consider, consider it. 

There are many other ways to enhance the bare wall. Whether you prefer a classic gallery wall or looking for something unique, here is every idea discussed for you:

1. Cover Wall with a Blanket

Draping a decorative blanket or quilt is the best way to dress up a wall with something unique. You can go for different designs and textures for covering a wall with a blanket. 

2. Wallpaper

You can refresh the blank wall in the living room with trending wallpaper. It’s incredible how many stunning patterns are available these days. Simply measure your wall, take a wallpaper, and paste it.

3. Leaning Mirror

Large mirrors are the perfect way to add design-friendly details to bare walls. It is, in addition, it can help to make the room larger and brighter. Finally, you can consider the leaning option placed in any room instead of hanging your prints. 

The addition of a mirror will add to the artistic look of your home, whether it’s in the bathroom or a drab hallway. This minimalist route is simple and chic, and it’s one you should try for yourself.

4. Hanging Rug

The warmth, texture, and pops of color that a good rug can provide can benefit any room. But,  for some time, focus on one wall only and ignore the floors. 

It is better to go for your favorite textile on the walls instead of focusing on the floor. After using this, then any space will feel design-minded.

The wall-filler will add style to any home, and you can place a rug behind a sofa in the living room. And you can also utilize it as an alternative headboard in the bedroom.

5. Utilize Height

If hanging pictures on the wall isn’t your thing, a few options reasonably when getting a trending wall decor piece like this to consider—they don’t require too much effort. Any space in your house can be transformed into a beautiful area with the help of a minimalist console. 

Play around with the height of the ceiling by assembling several items. It can go beyond a normal tabletop tone once you have a counter or surface. Choose elements more prominent than expected and tall enough to reach new wall areas, such as these stylish planters.

6. Decorate with Tiny Things

A built-in bookcase is ideal for displaying aesthetically charming tiny objects and trinkets. To improve the décor, organize small things, decorative boxes, colorful books. 

And as well as figures on the racks of a bookshelf. This looks great in the living area with small decor things.

7. Go for Statement Paintings

One fairly large painting executed correctly above the furniture is possibly the most prominent decision for living room wall décor. It’s a classic look that you can easily customize to your preferences. 

When getting a trending wall decor piece like this, consider the sync between the ground, walls, and roof.

8. Add Framed Drawings

There is an option of sketches in addition to pictures, photographs, and sculptures. The hand-drawn illustrations are unpolished and unfinished. 

But the placement in the well-organized gallery wall elevates them to sophisticated wall art. You can add a personal touch by including some of your sketches or those of someone close to you.

9. Position Large Objects

Other significant objects, such as pieces of wood, can be used as wall décor in the same way that sporting equipment can.

If you have lots of space and want to go for a castle-like feel, a full suit of knight armor can totally transform your living room. They are definitely not your usual home decor and can make a lasting impression on any guest. Place them next to a fireplace or near the doorway for a chivalrous welcome. And you’ll be surprised to know that these suits are fully wearable! So if you want to dress up for your local Renaissance Fair, they can double as a convincing costume.

Whether you fix objects, place them against the wall, or put them on the tip of a console desk, they’ll work differently. And stunning wall décor if they’re big enough.

The Bottom line 

Hopefully, all the mentioned ideas are helpful to you. All these designs can fill your blank walls at an affordable rate. 

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