A Beginner’s Guide To Install The Best Solar Powered Filters For Your Backyard Water Features

As more and more people and companies become environmentally conscious, there has been an increased interest in solar-powered pond filters. These filters are the perfect addition to any backyard water feature. However, the sheer variety of options available may make it difficult for shoppers to determine which product is best suited for their needs. Below you will find a short guide to understanding all you need to know about solar powered filters.

Decide Whether You Want an External Filter or Submersible Pump

External filters are placed on your pond or lake edge, while submersible pumps are placed inside your water feature. 

The advantage of a solar-powered external filter is that it will run continuously. If you install a submersible pump in a pre-existing pond or lake, you have to replace the pump every few years due to wear and tear. If you compare both, the longevity of the solar-powered external filter is more than a submersible filter.

Determine Which Size Is Best for Your Feature

The size of a solar-powered filter determines the number of gallons of water it can process in a day. A small pond or lake may only require a filter with the capacity of 200 gallons per day, while a larger body of water will need something more substantial.

Decide What Type of Output You Prefer

Solar-powered filters come with different hose attachments for the water. Decide whether you want a waterfall or fountain effect before making your purchase.

Match the Product to Your Climate Conditions

Solar-powered filters are available in both tropical and non-tropical variants, depending on where you live. If you live in an area with ample sunlight all year round, there is no need to purchase a filter with extensive solar panels.

Check the Warranty

Solar-powered filters come with a standard one-year limited warranty. However, some products offer extended warranties for additional costs. Check the return policy and clear out any queries before making your purchase.

Check Out Reviews

Reviews are a great way to determine whether a product is worth the cost before making your purchase. If you plan to purchase a solar-powered pond filter, be sure to check online reviews and ratings with an Internet search engine to learn more about its performance in various conditions. 

It’s also essential to check and discuss with your local supplier to understand all you need to know about solar filters.

Check for Any Additional Costs

Some filters require you to purchase a separate pump and other accessories to function correctly. Make sure that everything you need is included in the base price.

Identify Who Can Install the Product for You

Solar-powered pond filters are relatively easy to install, but you should consider whether or not your backyard is equipped with the correct pipes and nozzles. Not every filtration system works well in every environment, so identify who can install the product for you before making your purchase.

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your filter is to read and research the product and warranty information thoroughly before making a final decision. All that said, solar filters for backyard water features provide an eco-friendly solution for keeping your water feature clear and sparkling and every household must strive to adopt such measures to save the environment.

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