A Checklist to Help You Planning Your Wedding Party


Planning a wedding is no small feat. Like, it’s no small feat to even get married in the first place—but let’s not get into that. We’re here to help you plan your party! So let’s get started with our checklists of everything you need to consider before hiring a wedding singer, photographer, videographer, and more:

For starters, you’ve got to figure out if you want one!

Planning a wedding party can be fun, but it can also be very stressful. And that’s why we’re here to help you out with this checklist!

  • First of all: Do you want one?

If so, the next question is what purpose your wedding party will serve. A bridal party is meant to bring together friends and family members who are close to the bride or groom. It’s also common for them to serve as witnesses at the ceremony itself—the bride usually has three bridesmaids and two groomsmen standing by her side during the official nuptials. But there are lots of other things they can do too! Some couples choose to have their attendants assist them with pre-wedding tasks like organizing the bachelorette party or planning activities during their honeymoon vacation; others ask them simply attend parties in honor of their upcoming marriage at which guests may take pictures with them (and even propose gifts). Whatever your reason for having one is, it should come from both sides: The bride shouldn’t just pick up some random friends off Facebook because “she feels bad for not asking anyone,” nor should she ask someone overprotective parents find embarrassing purely because they’d rather see her surrounded by people who look nice on camera than those who might embarrass her later down the road (as was allegedly true in Kristen Stewart’s case).

How many people are we talking about here?

Let’s talk numbers. How many people do you want to invite to your wedding? It’s a fair question and one that is often overlooked in the excitement of planning a wedding. The number of guests you invite will have a huge impact on how much money and time you’ll need for your big day—so it’s important to know who exactly will be there!

There are two main factors at play here: venue capacity and budget. Your venue likely has an upper limit as far as how many people can comfortably fit in their space, which means that if your guest list doesn’t fit within those parameters, there may not be any way around having multiple events (which doesn’t always make sense). On the other hand, if everyone knows each other well enough (or doesn’t mind being crammed together), then maybe fewer invitations are needed so that more money can go toward decorating or better food options (we won’t judge). However, it works out, just make sure everyone involved understands why they’re getting invited before making any final decisions about numbers!

Hiring a Wedding Singer

Hiring a wedding singer is something that can make or break your wedding reception. The right person like this wedding entertainment in Sunshine Coast can elevate the mood of your party and bring everyone together, while the wrong person will have people leaving early and making excuses for not coming back.

Here are some tips to help you find the right singer:

  • Choose someone familiar with the type of music you want to be played at your wedding. If they’re not familiar with it, they may not know what kind of tempo they should use or how long each song should last (or there might be an awkward silence).
  • Choose someone whose voice sounds similar to what you had in mind when planning out this part of your event. Your guests will appreciate hearing their favorite songs being sung by someone who sounds just like their favorite singers!
  • Choose someone who has performed at weddings before. They’ll know how important it is for them to be on time so that everything runs smoothly during setup; it also means they’ll be less likely to make mistakes if lots are going on behind the scenes!

You’ve got to choose your team.

Choosing your wedding party is a big decision! One of the most important aspects of the day is making sure that everyone looks and feels fabulous. You want your bridal party to feel like they can relax because, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. Here are some tips for choosing your team:

  • Your dress
  • Your shoes
  • Your accessories (hat, veil, etc.)
  • Makeup artist and hairstylist

Hiring a Photographer and Videographer

Make sure you hire a professional. If they are not insured, this could be a liability that your venue is not willing to take on. You will want to make sure they have a good portfolio as well as plenty of good reviews online and also a good wedding videography package. Their availability on the day of your wedding is also important because you won’t want someone who might get sick or call in sick at the last minute. The price should be affordable for what you expect from them; however, if it seems too cheap then there may be something wrong with the quality of work offered by this photographer/videographer so do your research before signing anything

Chances are, you already know this, but still, it’s important to consider the budget.

It’s important to consider the budget before you start making plans. You don’t want to get so excited about all of the things you can do for your wedding that you go over your budget and have to scale back on things like the venue, food, cake, and decorations.

It’s also important to talk with your fiance about how much money he or she has saved or is willing to contribute toward the wedding expenses. Consider asking family members if they’d be willing to help out financially by buying gifts such as china or silverware, instead of hosting an engagement party or shower where guests would expect gift registries.

Do you want a rehearsal dinner?

Rehearsal dinners are great ways to celebrate your wedding party before the big day. You can use this time to get everyone together and thank them for their help, or just have fun with your friends and family before the wedding.

You need to choose a party venue.

After you have decided on the date and time for your wedding, it is time to look into finding a venue. There are many things that you need to think about when choosing a wedding venue and here are some of them:

  • The venue should be close by so that you don’t have to travel far – this will save money on travel expenses
  • You need enough space for all of your guests to sit comfortably – if there isn’t enough space then it will be uncomfortable for people who are waiting in line at the reception hall
  • You want a venue where there is good food available – this means tasting menus or buffets as well as other options like cake-cutting ceremonies

It can help if you get an idea of what other couples have done before they got married so they know what kind of things they liked/ didn’t like about certain venues (e.g., did they like eating at restaurants).

Hiring a Wedding Florist

Hiring a wedding florist is one of the best investments you can make for your big day. They are experts in their field and can help design an arrangement that suits your theme and tastes. A good florist like this wedding flowers in North Shore will be able to create beautiful arrangements using a variety of flowers and other materials, including silk flowers.

So what exactly does it mean to hire a wedding florist? The role of the wedding florist is to create all the floral arrangements for your ceremony, reception, or both (if applicable). This includes bouquets, boutonnieres/corsages, centerpieces, and more! The cost will vary based on location as well as whether there are any additional features such as table decorating or custom designs needed before the delivery day so it’s important not only to find someone who has experience but also to keep within budget constraints at all times during conversations with potential candidates before making final decisions.

Make sure the out-of-towners have a place to stay.

The more time you give yourself to plan, the easier it will be to find a good place for your guests to stay. If your wedding is outside of town, think about where people are coming from and what would be most convenient for them. If some of your friends live in California and others in New York, choose a location that’s convenient for both groups of out-of-towners—and don’t forget to factor in those who are flying in from overseas!

If money is tight and you’re having trouble finding affordable accommodations near the venue or airport, consider using Airbnb instead. You’ll have access to private homes for rent with more space than a hotel room often does (and will likely have access to amenities like Wi-Fi). Plus it’s an environmentally friendly option! Just make sure that these homeowners aren’t running afoul of local laws by hosting short-term rentals; if not, check out [this article](http://www.airbnb.com/help/article/496) on how Airbnb works before booking anything!

It’s time to plan the menu.

When it comes to planning a wedding, food is important, but it is not the most important thing. Choosing a menu is a lot of work. You need to choose an appropriate venue and time of year according to your menu choices and the number of guests that will be at the wedding.

If you don’t know where or how many people will be attending your wedding, then think about what kind of meal they would want: formal? Casual? Or somewhere in between?

Don’t forget the decorations

Don’t forget the decorations! You can find some great ideas for decorations at your local party store, or you can rent them from a party store or hire someone to make them for you. Decorations should match the theme of your wedding as well as be fun and festive.

Just remember that every detail counts when planning your wedding party, so be sure not to leave any important parts out of your checklist.

Has transportation been figured out in advance?

  • To ensure that your guests have an easy time getting to and from the venue, make sure you choose a place that is close to public transportation.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to get there.
  • Don’t forget about the parking! (This can be tricky if your venue doesn’t offer free parking.)
  • And don’t forget about the cost of getting from point A to point B: not only do you need to factor in gas money or what it costs for people like your parents or grandparents who may not have their cars but also think about taxis and rideshares such as Uber/Lyft (if applicable).

Make sure everyone knows how they’re getting there on time.

In addition to all the other details, you’ll also want to work out a plan for getting everyone from your ceremony location to the reception venue on time. You can do this in any number of ways:

  • Have a meeting with each person
  • Send out an email or text message with all the details (and keep it handy as you go through all these steps)
  • Use Google Meet or another app that lets multiple people video chat at once

Let us help you create the perfect wedding party for your friends and family!

Let us help you create the perfect wedding party for your friends and family! We’re here to make your wedding party dreams come true. We’ll help you make the right decisions, and we will create a beautiful and memorable event.


If you’re thinking about throwing a wedding party, we’d love to help! Contact us today by email or phone and we’ll get started on planning the perfect event.

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