A Guide on Injecting Creativity and Fun into Your Interior Design 

Too often, especially in a home that is constantly changing and evolving to suit current trends, a lack of personality and creativity is almost always evident in the core design. 

For a truly relaxing, warm, fun, and unique home, the more you flex your creative muscle, the better, and with that being said, this article is here to help you. 

Unique Houseplants in the Hallway 

First and foremost, by far the most affordable and effective way of instantly injecting character and even a sense of whimsy into your interior living spaces is the introduction of houseplants.

Specifically, instead of the generic plant pot with leafy greens cascading down from the top of the coffee table, spend a little more money on choosing a more unique and interesting plant species, with the following providing a strong base for inspiration:

  • Jungle orchids
  • Florida sweethearts
  • Blue wonders
  • Amorphophallus
  • Mardi gras plants 

Photo Collages and Wall Art 

Whether you reside in a small and intimate flat in the middle of a city center or an impressively large five-bedroom home in the suburbs, the way to personalization follows the exact same format.

It is highly likely that if you look back to your childhood, your mother and father regularly updated the photographs on display around the home to celebrate your and your siblings’ achievements as you grew into young adults.

Now it is time to introduce your own photographic story into your home, and instead of simply printing images and placing them in a frame, you could choose a more creative way to display your photographs.

A digital photo frame flicking through the highlights of the last year on the mantlepiece, a photographic collage in the hallway of the children as they grow, and even images taken from social media and turned into fridge magnets in the kitchen are all excellent examples. 

Statement Sofas 

When it comes to a statement piece of furniture, the more individual and unique the piece, the more you will put your stamp on the property, with the ligne roset prados being a perfect example of striking the balance between style and functionality.

Too often, sofas and chairs are chosen with a more practical and simple aesthetic in mind, and unless you have a pack of muddy dogs who love to sleep in the living room or a couple of sticky-fingered toddlers, it is time to get bold and brave with your furniture design.

Bright and Bold Colours

Finally, you may not yet realize the supreme power that color can hold, especially in terms of interior design. 

As well as bringing different elements within a room together, the same shades and tones of color (and, indeed, well-placed contrasting shades) can go a long way to shaping and improving your mood while spending time in the space. 

From now on, stay away from muted neutrals and faded pastels and instead favor bright and bold primary colors, even if only in the smaller details. 

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